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Official Release Saturday 9th April 2022

Western Australian Kayne Dellar & Victorian Carter Metcalfe have each gone through night one of the 2022 Raslarr Engineering SSA National Junior Sedan Title undefeated this evening at the Alexandra Speedway in Victoria.

Dellar & Metcalfe were in great form in their Hyundai Excels to record three wins from three starts to have one hundred & eight points each after the opening three rounds of heat race competition.

Seventy four SSA Junior Sedans filled the pit area of the Alexandra Speedway who are hosting their first National Title this weekend with racing beginning at 2pm in near perfect weather conditions for speedway.

Proceedings began with Tasmanian competitor Sharni Farrell collecting the best presented car award for the event with her Tas Truck Refinishing Mitsubishi Lancer an absolute credit to her supporters.


The first of twenty one qualifying heat races began just after 2pm local time with Western Australian Champion Beau Oldfield getting his national title off to a great start with a dominating performance over Victorian Bree Simpson & Lismore’s Jaiden Santin.

Jayden Bryant had the local crowd cheering after heat two when he collected the maximum points in his Autobarn Mitsubishi Lancer.

Mildura’s Carter Metcalfe lead all the way the way in heat three ahead of Western Australia’s Brody Day and 2021 Tasmanian Champion Lachie Robins.

Western Australian Kayne Dellar rocketed from position five to collect the thirty six points on offer in heat four with Dubbo’s Jackson Goldie getting the better of the battle between himself and Tasmania’s Sharni Farrell for second place.

Heat race number five of the 2022 SSA National Junior Sedan Title was an outstanding display of Speedway Sedan racing as Tanner Barclay, Donny Davis, Linken Paterson, JJ Hamilton and Kurtis Peall raced three and four wide at times.

Davis would hit the front in the final laps to take the win as Kurtis Peall made an outstanding move to go from fifth to second place within sight of the chequered flag.

Will Fallon unfortunately suffered a heavy crash on the opening lap of heat six in the V77 Datsun Sunny when he hit the concrete wall in turn two.

Queensland Champion Aidan Rigby led all eight laps to defeat Tasmanian Brandan Austen & Queensland’s Jayden Hancock.

The final heat of the opening round witnessed a sensational drive from eleven year old River Spitzbath who came from position ten to take the win with Mildura’s Will Shore going from position eleven to finish second in his Adam Holt Industries Mitsubishi Mirage.

A number of major incidents plagued the second round of racing in the 2022 SSA National Junior Sedan Title with the first of those occurring in heat eight when Brandan Austen had a heavy rollover on lap six after a fierce battle with Aidan Rigby.

Rigby survived the two lap restart to become the first multi heat race winner in the event.

Queensland’s Cooper Flynn & Tasmanian Kiara McKercher came together heavily in heat nine which set up a thrilling conclusion to the race.

Kayne Dellar would pounce on his opportunity to steal the heat race win on the final lap from Jayden Hancock with Cooper Reid officially third.

Western Australian Champion Beau Oldfield suffered a major steering failure in heat ten after battling with Nathan Miles and Brody Day for the race lead during the opening laps.

Oldfield would come to a dramatic stop in turn three leaving South Australian Lachlan Brown with no way to avoid the near stationery Nationwide Signs W84 entry.

Victorian Nathan Miles survived the final laps to record a popular victory ahead of Brody Day and Linken Paterson in the Raslarr Engineering V48.

Lachie Robins held off Queensland’s Kurtis Peall in an uneventful heat eleven as Brodie Hollyman narrowly defeated Will Shore & Bree Simpson in heat twelve.

Heat thirteen witnessed a great battle for the lead between River Paterson and Sharni Farrell with the local Paterson taking the thirty six points from Farrell with Donny Davis going from position seven to finish third by race end.

Carter Metcalfe continued to make his mark during the opening night of the National Title as the Mildura racer took his second win of the night to complete the second round.

The third round of racing on the opening night saw Jayden Hancock finally record a heat win after a tremendous contest between himself and fellow Queenslander Billy Macdonald.

Tasmanian Stevie Smith had a heavy crash on the opening lap of heat fifteen after contact with another car sent the Daihatsu Charade into the concrete wall in turn three.

Jacob Tinworth in the V7 Hyundai Excel would also be out of the race as Harry Fowler took his first win of the National Title.

Heat seventeen was the domain of Victorian Jack Randall as he held off Jaiden Santin in the Lismore Automobile Club N17 Mitsubishi Lancer.

Rockhampton’s Liam Cameron & Will Shore came together at the start of heat eighteen which prevented both competitors from taking any further part in the race.

A depleted field completed the race as multi generation talent Cameron Smith enjoyed a heat race win at the National Title.

Tasmanian Braydon Kane suffered a heavy crash early in heat nineteen after collecting the concrete wall in turn four.

Carter Metcalfe railed the top off the race track to storm home to take his third win from three starts to go through night one undefeated with Western Australian Donny Davis stealing second from Linken Paterson on the final lap.

A repeat of the previous heat race occurred in the penultimate race of the night as Kayne Dellar took his KCLD Cleaning Hyundai Excel to the top shelf to become the second undefeated driver of the National Title.

Jayden Bryant was second by the end of the eight laps as Tasmanian Champion Nate Garwood got his campaign back on track with a third place finish.

South Australian Champion Aaron Tranter hit the lead early on lap one twenty one to take victory to conclude the opening night as Aidan Rigby moved through to finish second by race end.

Just one more round of heat races remain in the 2022 Raslarr Engineering SSA National Junior Sedan Title at the Alexandra Speedway ahead of the finals on night two.

The A Main will be held over twenty five laps with every lap to be streamed live and free courtesy of the team from Speedway Sedans Australia Live powered by Pro1 Race Parts.

Official Point Score After Night One

1. VA10 Carter Metcalfe 108

2. W95 Kayne Dellar 108

3. Q28 Aidan Rigby 100

4. Q7 Jayden Hancock 87

5. W3 Donny Davis 87

6. T48 Lachlan Robins 82

7. V49 Jayden Bryant 81

8. Q23 Harry Fowler 81

9. V12 Nathan Miles 76

10. Q32 Kaine Richters 74

11. Q11 Kurtis Peall 73

12. NA17 Jackson Goldie 73

13. S45 Aaron Tranter 70

14. V51 Jack Randall 69

15. N17 Jaiden Santin 68

16. V14 Cameron Smith 67

17. T35 Sharni Farrell 64

18. V10 Breanna Simpson 64

19. WA8 Brody Day 64

20. NT43 River Spitzbarth 63

21. V48 Linken Paterson 63

22. Q12 Brodie Hollyman 62

23. V47 River Paterson 61

24. Q19 JJ Hamilton 58

25. V19 Kiarna Barton 55

26. T77 Nate Garwood 52

27. V15 Will Shore 50

28. W84 Beau Oldfield 50

29. V43 Toby Parks 48

30. V95 Tanner Barclay 46

31. QA17 Cooper Reid 37

32. T65 Brandan Austen 35

33. VA51 Lachie Bull 35

34. S9 Lachlan Brown 34

35. V61 Logan Mair 34

36. V85 Rhys Meakins 34

37. V4 Jayden Lock 34

38. N18 Sophie Santin 34

39. VA66 Riley Lawrence 33

40. V9 Rye Orme 33

41. VA8 Mitchell McClure 32

42. Q2 Billy Macdonald 31

43. T33 Kiara Mckerche 31

44. V93 Seth Sloane 31

45. V5 Fletcher Barron 29

46. T28 Karlia Riley 29

47. Q22 Liam Cameron 27

48. Q17 AJ Macdonald 27

49. VA29 Rylan Pech 23

50. V7 Jacob Tinworth 23

51. T23 Braydon Kane 23

52. T73 Stevie Smith 22

53. V8 Blake Glynn 22

54. V62 Christine Oliver 22

55. S12 Max Richter 22

56. V21 Harry Cecil 21

57. T14 Makaila Riley 21

58. ACT55 Jack Murphy 19

59. Q27 Cooper Flynn 19

60. V63 Sammy Wouters 18

61. V31 Chase Doherty 18

62. VA9 Tyson Heaphy 18

63. W08 Tyler Scott 17

64. VA5 Matilda Farrell 17

65. S16 Corey Richter 17

66. V64 James Oliver 16

67. T24 Alex McMillan 16

68. V25 Cruz Farrell 16

69. V23 Tamika Simpson 16

70. V29 Jasmine Bryant 16

71. V69 Jessica O’Donnell 15

72. V77 Will Fallon 14

73. V13 Billy McBride 13

74. V66 Maddy Capon 6

75. Q4 Braydon Storer 0