by | Dec 31, 2020 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans

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Two Huge Nights of Speedway Sedan action is on tap on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd January 2021 at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway in Queensland.

The Kurt Murdoch Classic for SSA Production Sedans has attracted over fifty nominations from around South East Queensland with the winner of the A Main on Saturday Night going home with $3000 for their efforts.

Kurt Murdoch was a popular member of the speedway community in Maryborough who was tragically killed in a work place accident in 2012.

The event named in Kurt’s honour has grown in prestige over the years as SSA Production Sedans continue to grow in the Sunshine State.

Over forty SSA Junior Sedans are set to continue their great season in South East Queensland as they chase their Silver Crown.The opening round of the SSA Street Stocks Twin City Challenge is apart of the program on Friday Night.

More information on ticketing and start times for the two nights of racing is available at at the Maryborough Speedway page.


Kurt Murdoch Classic for SSA Production Sedans (52)

BB22 Zachary Harris

BB26 Gary Harris Jnr

BB44 Brendan Parker

BW8 Michael Larsen

C56 Joel Thomas

C99 Jack Kay

CR9 Ash Mckellar

G16 Aaron Sander

G10 Daniel Henshaw

G17 Neil Keldoulis

G22 Marshall Virtue

G5 Dayne Francis

G51 Dan Cook

G6 Rick Hazelgrove

G97 Rory Evans

GL05 Nick Cook

GL10 David Mohr

GL15 Richard Cook

GL91 Timmy Coomber

GL92 Jye Coomber

N55 Jack Graham

N53 Ash Graham

N71 Mark Quirk

M0 Scott Thomsen

M10 Russell Cowley

M27 Deon Cook

M3 Josh Jarius

M8 James Ryan

M33 Brandon Jarius

M34 Brian Grundy

M36 Tanya Mathews

M63 Brayden Pacey

M116 Sam Grundy

NSW1 A1 Joel Berkley

Q1 Chris Pagel

RK18 DJ Lennon

RK46 Kory Jennings

RK71 Kev Young

SB88 Nathan Barbeler

SB11 Josh Harm

SB22 Charlotte Christensen

SB23 Aaron Bleys

SB26 Nic Bleys

SB44 Mitchell Bleys

SB46 Ethan Carroll

SB48 Sheree Barron

SB68 Norm Townsend

SB7 Travis Hutchison

SB9 Brett Barron

SC23 Adrian Stott

SC36 Sarah Franz

SC61 Brendan Cowley

SSA Junior Sedans Silver Crown (42)

ACT 55 Jack Murphy

BB10 Kurtis Peall

BB17 AJ MacDonald

BB25 Abby Smith

BB31 Patrick Ray

BB7 Coen Herwig

BB8 Abbey Peall

BB81 Mitch Wogandt

BB88 Billy MacDonald

BW26 Bre Larsen

C10 Bodhi Russ

C12 Brodie Hollyman

C58 Hayden Stewart

C99 Levi O’Brien

CR7 Em Whell

CR12 Bailey Payne

G21 Hayley Spence

G27 Josh Rigby

G28 Aidan Rigby

LAC23 Harry Fowler

M12 Ella Duthie

M14 Jaiden Torissi

M17 Cooper Reid

M18 Bryce Bayfield

M21 Mitchell Bayfield

M27 Cooper Flynn

M32 Kaine Richters

M68 Jebadiah Huth

M69 Linkin Huth

M7 Jayden Hancock

MK27 Jack Menzies

R23 Brodie Shepherd

R68 Shae Taylor

RK43 Braydon Storer

RK77 Alex Myles

RK24 Shenaya Lowther

RK33 Tyson Jennings

RK36 Sophie Montgomerie

SB27 Hannah Christensen

SC17 Connor Smith

SC3 Chloe Lebeter