by | Oct 9, 2021 | SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Hillview Speedway

It has been a survival of the fittest at Newman’s Hillview Speedway as two-time East Pilbara Tyre Services Ash Page Memorial winner Jack McAuley has done everything right to lead the points after three rounds of heats.

Karratha’s McAuley only blemish came in the opening heat race where he was undone in the closing stages of the race by Warren Flavel who stanched the win.

Mechanical woes were the story of the night with nine drivers out of the 19 in attendance not making the third round of the heats.

Most though, are working overtime to make it for the second night of racing.

Ash Baker will have the most work out of them all, after heavy contact with the concrete wall in heat five seeing him having to work overtime to be ready.

Joining McAuley as the only multiple heat race winner is Flavel, who has been the surprise factor of the weekend, taking home two victories and a third in his final heat race, in which he had to limp over the line as the car suffered the same fate as many others did tonight.

It’s a different story in the Street Stocks, with local Lenny Bates undefeated over the night.

All 13 cars who started the night, started their last heat race with only Harry Wingfield not finishing his third-round heat due to a flat tyre.

Bates was terrific all night, being able to come from anywhere in the field to take the win.

But all the action from the Street Stocks was overshadowed by local lady racer Samantha Dodd who set the crowd alight in heat five, as she took the win after Brinley McGaffin was deemed to have passed on the infield early in the race.

Tomorrow night each driver will still have one more round of heats before their divisions Feature Races and the all-in Ash Page Memorial to end the night.


Production Sedans
1. W96 Jack McAuley 100
2. W112 Warren Flavel 95
3. W114 Daniel Flavel 92
4. W89 Ken Melvin 79
5. W11 Ash Baker 72
6. W26 Robbie Trenaman 62
7. W74 Bernie Matkovich 48
8. W12 Ryan Allan 45
9. W17 Glenn Sharpe 36
10. W56 Brandon Mongoo 31
11. W172 Jim McGorman 30
12. W57 Cameron Small 30
13. W97 Jade Offer-Mimad 20
14. W18 Tristian Flanagan 12
15. W46 Ryan Darcy 13
16. W8 Brenden Higgs 10
17. W35 Craig Clayton 8
18. W68 Leigh Beecroft 5
19. W47 Roszali Mohammid-Dom 2

Street Stocks
1. W74 Lenny Bates 108
2. W21 Colm O’Riordan 92
3. W19 Stevie O’Dowd 79
4. W50 David Townsend 68
5. W94 Robert Dunbar 64
6. W65 Samantha Dodd 59
7. W5 Brinley McGaffin 59
8. W23 Matt Lowe 57
9. W73 Ray Clifton 46
10. W15 Adam Power 43
11. W35 Craig Clayton 40
12. W25 Harry Wingfield 37
13. W44 Jarred Hester 26