by | May 10, 2021 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

Max Clarke has won the Pro1 Race Parts T-Bar Nationals presented by PS Designer Homes on a crazy Sunday afternoon.

Clarke won the event ahead of Rodney Pammenter, Mick Shelford, Joel Berkley, Nathan Macdonald, Josh Harm, Shane Macdonald, Steven Quirk, David Head and Darran Lester who rounded out the top ten.

With rain closing in on the venue, John Kelly quickly ensured the Modified Sedan feature was brought forward to ensure the main event was able to be run.

The race got underway with pole sitter Aidan Raymont opening up a lead over Australia Champion Kye Walters who started on the second row.

For Walters though, he would retire to the infield after throwing a belt on lap 11. Max Clarke closed in on Raymont as a light shower started to fall during the feature race. The rain continued ever so lightly, enough to make the track ‘technical’, to say the least.

A yellow light stoppage 15 laps into feature, saw the race almost not restart as the shower began to worsen.

During the stoppage Raymont retired to the infield with a flat right rear and at the restart The driver quickly adapted and masterfully handled the tricky conditions like pros and the track improved with continuous racing laps.

Clarke took control of the race and as conditions improved opened a big lead when Steven Quirk and Joel Berkley tangled with only a handful of laps to go.

The race got back under very quickly as the showers began to fall, Mick Shelford came from postion four to take the lead as the showers became the heaviest they’d been during the race.

While Shelford was leading with only a few laps to go, he had a half lose in the tricky conditions that resulted in Clarke taking back the lead.

Rodney Pammenter had charged through the field to have moved into second position with Nathan Macdonald moving to third.

On the final lap, Shelford made his way back passed Macdonald who dropped back to fifth behind Berkley who had Josh Harm hot on his heels. Clarke went on to win the 35 lap feature race and claim the $5,000 winners prize.

The trophy presentation was cut short as rain began to fall. At the conclusion of the race despite crossing the line in fourth Joel Berkley was initially put rear of field for not restarting in his correct position after the Steven Quirk incident.

While the trophy presentation was taking place only seconds after the event, officials reinstated Berkley to fourth (the postion that he crossed the line) after reviewing video footage available.

Clarke was pushed into victory lane with the assistance of the push car after breaking the tail shaft after the chequered flag.

A Main Results (Official)

1. Max Clarke

2. Rodney Pammenter

3. Mick Shelford

4. Joel Berkley

5. Nathan Macdonald

6. Josh Harm

7. Shane Macdonald

8. Steven Quirk

9. David Head

10. Darran Lester

11. Chris Evans

12. Ty Francis

13. Darren Baldwin

14. Quinton Clarke

15. Nathan Lowe

16. Myles Gilroy

17. Jake Drewett (DNF)

18. Shane Langton (DNF)

19. Josh Crang (DNF)

20. Aidan Raymont (DNF)

21. Glenn Pagel (DNF)

22. Chris Hayden (DNF)

23. Shannon Blackburn (DNF)

24. Kye Walters (DNF)

Night 2 Heat Results

Heat 9 – Mick Shelford, Shane Langton, Shannon Blackburn

Heat 10 – Kye Walters, Myles Gilroy, Brett Baxter

Heat 11 – Aidan Raymont, Rodney Pammenter, Joel Berkley

Heat 12 – Darran Lester, Josh Crang, David Head

Heat 13 – Shane Langton, David Head, Josh Harm

Heat 14 – Jake Drewett, Kye Walters, Darran Lester

Heat 15 – Joel Berkley, Mick Shelford, Rodney Pammenter

Heat 16 – Aidan Raymont, Nathan Macdonald, Glenn Pagel

Massive thanks to the following sponsors for making this event possible:

Pro1 Race Parts

PS Designer Homes

Raven Roof

ABC Bricks

Kenco Racing

Ironbark Financial Services

Down Under Graphics

Cush Clothing Co.

Charlton Raceway Inc

Made To Go Pty Ltd

Steering & Suspension Warehouse Series points will be tallied and posted next week.

Finally, massive thanks to everyone to traveling and supporting this event.

The racing was brilliant all weekend and really showcased the Modified Sedan division.

It’s just a shame that random shower later on Sunday afternoon, didn’t allow us to get the grand stand finish this remarkable event deserved.

Bring it on when this event returns a week before the Royal on 14 & 15 January.