Massive Field For National Street Stock Title

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Speedway Sedans Australia have today released the nomination list for the National Street Stock Title, to be held at Adelaide Motorsports Park on Friday, 16 February 2018 and Saturday, 17 February 2018.

Officially there are 120 Nominations, which will ensure there will be ten heats per round, 30 heats on the opening night, with the final ten heats and three finals on the second night.

The field consists of 47 Victorians, 37 South Australians, 17 drivers from Western Australia, 8 Tasmanians, four drivers from both Queensland and the Northern Territory with three from New South Wales.

The title will be the second largest title in Speedway Sedans Australias 50 year history, second only to the 2016 National Street Stock Title at Redline Raceway Ballarat.

Between the drivers entered, they have won twelve National Titles and 46 State Titles, with more broadly, 108 State Podiums and 24 National Podiums between them.

National Champion Rhys Heinrich will be looking to become the first driver since Brad McClure in 2011, to win the National Title in his home state. Heinrich will be joined by former National Champions, Anthony Beare, Robbie Faux, Michael Hamon and Mark Jennings who have won titles dating back to Jennings victory in 1995. Heinrich does has previous history on his side, with both Beare and Faux winning consecutive titles in the past four seasons.

Adelaide Motorsports Park will be hosting the National Street Stock Title for the very first time, and drivers have voted with their feet to amass the second largest field in history, and just the fourth to attract more than 100 entries for a Sedan Title. Amongst the 120 entrants, drivers have already won 62 feature races this season, with West Australians Jack Barnewall and Hayden Norman leading the way with five victories each.

The event will be streamed live and free on Speedway Sedans Australias award winning program, Speedway Sedans Live, heading the extensive coverage.

Nominations in Roof Number Order

0 Moss Buchanan SA
1 Rhys Heinrich SA
2 Anthony Buchanan SA
3 Eric Donaldson NT
4 Ben Tuttle SA
5 Steven Watts VIC
6 Grant Harris SA
7 Craig Buchanan SA
8 Paul Hayes SA
9 Marty Kelly WA
10 Matt Hammond TAS
11 James Jamieson SA
12 Darren Flatman SA
13 Jaidyn Dredge VIC
14 Nigel Reichstein SA
15 Sam Brumfield SA
16 Jack Barnewall WA
17 Carey Weston SA
18 Jason Duell SA
19 Phillip Watson SA
21 Mark Jennings SA
22 Anthony Prideaux SA
23 Ben Whitehead SA
24 Brad McClure VIC
25 Jamie Crutchley VIC
26 Steve Gartner SA
27 Cade Cox SA
28 Dale Riley Jnr TAS
29 Chris Stewart VIC
31 Adrian Wright SA
32 Darren Giacomettti VIC
33 Shaun Henry VIC
34 Ethan Genev WA
35 Daniel Ameduri WA
36 Adrian Jones SA
37 Darryl Atkinson VIC
38 Mark Gartner SA
39 Gerrard Mabbitt VIC
41 Scott Merrett SA
42 Chris Whatmore VIC
43 Nathan Dunn VIC
44 John Riley TAS
45 Brendon Green TAS
46 Anthony Beare SA
47 Jason Faux VIC
48 Michael Clark VIC
49 Peter Herbert WA
51 Cody Avins WA
53 Kasey Staker NSW
54 Morris Ahearn VIC
55 Matthew Maynard SA
56 Jace Kempton WA
57 Matthew Glab VIC
58 Neville Nitschke SA
59 Haydon Jolly SA
61 Matt Nelson VIC
62 Trae Ballantyne SA
63 Cody Heinrich SA
64 Jayden Blomeley VIC
65 Felicity Roycroft VIC
66 Keenan Richards SA
67 Corey Knox VIC
68 Dale Blomeley VIC
69 Matthew Seidl SA
71 Luke Williams TAS
72 Rodney Berry NT
73 Colin Peadon NSW
74 Lenny Bates VIC
75 Travis Hutchison QLD
76 Hayden Norman WA
77 Melissa Crutchley VIC
78 Michael Hamon WA
79 Wade Fell VIC
81 Dylan Campton VIC
82 Shane Roycroft VIC
83 David Barrie VIC
85 Peter Dowie WA
86 Bailey Heinrich SA
87 Jayden Edwards SA
88 Nathan Barbeler QLD
89 Andrew Jordan VIC
91 Darren Brumfield SA
92 Paul Briggs WA
93 Andrew Burgoyne VIC
94 Dean Jenkins VIC
95 Scott Purdie VIC
96 Wayne Fosteris SA
97 Jamie Stewart SA
98 Corey Greening NT
99 Peter Thompson QLD
101 Damon Thomson WA
102 Mick Dann VIC
104 Donna Vanzetti WA
111 Jacob Mills NSW
112 Leigh Gooding VIC
113 David Missen VIC
114 Megan Forrest VIC
115 Robbie Faux VIC
118 Scott Secombe VIC
119 Eugene Bennett VIC
121 Todd Rose VIC
122 Corey Sandow VIC
124 Benjamin Riley TAS
125 Craig Clayton WA
127 Jason DeGoldi VIC
132 Andy Maxwell Jnr SA
135 Matthew Atkinson TAS
138 Bob Wakefield WA
141 Darren Forrest VIC
142 Chris Hay VIC
143 Simon Spitzbarth NT
144 Jared Wilkinson VIC
145 Robert Smith VIC
169 Wayne Sheerman VIC
177 Corey Bauld TAS
181 Peter Walker WA
182 Ricky Throckmorton VIC
183 Brooke Ferguson VIC
188 Josephine Thompson QLD
221 Evan Wakefield WA

Scrutineering Times will be issued in a separate release later today.