Massive Field For Murdoch Classic

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Latest News

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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

A massive nomination list consisting of 45 entries will contest this weekends Kurt Murdoch Classic for Production Sedans, at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway.

In what is a literal whos who of Production Sedan racing in Queensland, the field includes current State Champion, Tim Smith, 2016 State Champion, Tim Atkin, 2015 State Champion, Chris Pagel along with 2016 National Modified Sedan Champion Brett Baxter.

Racing in Queensland this season has been highly competitive, with many drivers in good form. The field also includes Josh Crang, Josh Harm Daniel Henshaw, Stuart Fawcett and Richard Cook, which will ensure a great weekend of racing.

Maryborough Speedway will be hosting a three night event, commencing on Friday night, with the Kurt Murdoch Classic to be held on Saturday and Sunday evenings, with racing to commence at 4.00pm EDT.


Q1 Tim Smith
G2 Chris Pagel
L2 Madison Harkin
M2 Mal Pahl
M4 Jamie Beasmore
G4 Malcom Kernke
GL05 Nick Cook
G8 Josh Crang
M08 Alex Sweeney
SC8 Kayla Stokes
M9 Joel Berkley
M10 Russell Cowley � Roof # 35
G10 Dan Henshaw
SB11 Josh Harm
G15 Tim Atkin
B15 Brett Baxter
GL15 Richard Cook
M15 Josh Arthur
SC16 Aaron Sander
G17 Neil Keldoulis
M18 Brendon Bayfield
BB22 Zach Harris
G22 Marshall Virtue
SC23 Adrian Stott
G25 Selina Jennings
M27 Gary Harris
M28 Scott Duthie
L29 Steve Downes
BB30 Brad Scherer
SB32 Brody Fraser
M36 Nathan Duce
SC36 Sarah Franz
SB38 Maddi McGee
L53 Ash Graham
L54 Jack Graham
M54 Nick Jewell
SC56 Brad Walker
L58 Trent Nicolia
SC61 Brendan Cowley
M63 Brayden Pacey
M64 Jarrod Peacock
L65 Stuart Fawcett
L71 Mark Quirk
SB88 Craig Harm
CR96 Amy Evans