Images by Darrel Lockhart

The Corbet’s Group Mothar Mountain Speedway located in Gympie Queensland held a huge program of Speedway Sedan racing this past Saturday Night.

Aside from the ninth round of the McCosker Super Sedan Series which was won by the Ford Wreckers Sweet of Sam Roza, every other Speedway Sedans Australia class was in action.

Queensland Production Sedan champion Chris Pagel led home Josh Harm and Daniel Henshaw in the Ian Boettcher Race Parts backed main event with Glenn Pagel successful in the Modified Sedans.

Chris Pagel

Victorian Matt Nelson returned to the Sunshine State to claim victory in the SSA Street Stocks with New South Wales pair Zac Brims and Jacob Waller success in their respective Junior Sedan main events.

Racing returns to the Mountain on Saturday 13th March 2021.

Official Results

SSA Modified Sedan Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. G4 Glenn Pagel, 2. G97 Brad Yarrow, 3. V61 Matt Nelson, 4. G58 TIm Weir, 5. G87 Ty Francis, 6. SB10 Stephen Geritz, 7. G18 Nigel Mulvena

SSA National 4’s Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. SC51 Andrew Pickering, 2. G17 Justin Weir, 3. G5 Darryl Oliver, 4. SC53 Brock Hancock, 5. SC72 Mark Littlehales, 6. SC22 Matt Bielby, 7. G12 Bevan Burton (14), 8. SB38 Mike Webber (12), SB24 Clinton Lawrence (11)

SSA Production Sedan Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. Q1 Chris Pagel, 2. SB11 Josh Harm, 3. G10 Daniel Henshaw, 4. G6 Brock Ambrose, 5. SC36 Sarah Franz, 6. SC61 Jim Cowley, 7. G51 Dan Cook, 8. G71 Steven Spence, 9. SB22 Charlotte Christensen (19), DNF G17 Neil Keldoulis (16), SC46 Michael Mason (11), SB32 Brody Fraser (2)

SSA Street Stock Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. V61 Matt Nelson, 2. SB33 Darren Ciesiolka, 3. SB777 Brad Mendes, 4. SB17 Dylan Jarman, 5. C69 Michael Millhouse, 6. C64 John Stoward (19), 7. SB4 Kyron Clegg (19), 8. BB93 Terry Hough (19), 9. M91 Ronald Polzin (17), DNF SC99 Callum Auld (16), BB94 Brandon Hough (16), SB96 Ben Langton (16) DQ G11 David Priddy

SSA Top Star Junior Sedan Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. N29 Zac Brims, 2. G27 Joshua Rigby, 3. G65 Aidan Rigby, 4. M7 Jayden Hancock, 5. N17 Jaiden Santin, 6. M17 Cooper Reid, 7. G3 William Pagel, DNF G8 Braydon Steffens (0)

SSA New Star Junior Sedan Feature Race, 12 Laps- 1. N5 Jacob Waller, 2. M27 Cooper Flynn, 3. N23 Harry Fowler, 4. N36 Taylah Butcher, 5. SC3 Chloe Lebeter, 6. N18 Sophie Santin, 7. G5 Taryn Francis (11), 8. SB27 Hannah Christensen (11), 9. SB26 Brayton Richards (10), 10. G21 Hayley Spence (10), DNF G9 Emily Steffens (7)

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