by | Apr 22, 2022 | SSA Super Sedans

Image by 44 Photography.

A massive forty one SSA Super Sedans are coming from all across the country to Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway for the 10k to win Ian Boettcher Classic this weekend.

The field will be the biggest in the country so far this season, and include drivers from five states, with twenty nine Queenslanders, seven New South Welshmen, three Tasmanians, a Victorian, and a Western Australian in attendance.

The driver lineup includes five former National Super Sedan Champions including current and four time National Champion Matty Pascoe.

Pascoe has already tasted feature success on the Toowoomba high banks this season, and will be looking to take the 10k back to Sweet Chassis headquarters.

Pascoe will be joined by former National Champions Darren Kane and Steve Jordan from Queensland, Mick Nicola from Victoria, and Callum Harper from Tasmania all of whom will be hoping to take home the cash.

Local hero Sean Black won the last time the Super Sedans hit the track at Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway and will be looking to put on a show for his hometown fans.

Gary ‘Dusty’ Higgs has won the last three Western Australian Super Sedan Titles, and will be making the trip to Toowoomba all the way from Perth, in a bid to take home the 10k in the 1K.

The ‘Apple Isle’ is going to be well represented with three Tasmanians making the trek to Toowoomba. Callum Harper, Corey Smith and David Nichols will all be in contention to take the 10k back to Tasmania.

New South Wales hopes lie in the hands of the talented Brims brothers Hayden and Zac, as well as the ultra consistent Tyson Moon who will be hoping to bounce back following a big crash at the Victorian Title last weekend.

The massive field is further buoyed by an exciting format across both nights of racing. On the opening night drivers will tackle time trials to set the grids for the two heat races, which could have up to an eight car inversion.

Following the two rounds of heats the top sixteen will lock into the twenty five lap preliminary A Main, with positions seventeen through twenty coming from the B Main.

On night two the drivers will face a further round of heats based on the points standings from the opening night.

The top eighteen will lock into the thirty five lap main event, with the remaining drivers to tackle the B Main where the top six will transfer to lock in positions nineteen through twenty four.

All drivers in the top eighteen will have the opportunity to move further up the grid.

Qualifiers thirteen through eighteen will run a six lap B Dash with the winner moving on to the A Dash, and the remainder of the field being set in their positions.

The winner of the B Dash will join qualifiers eight through twelve, with the winner joining the top seven in the pole shuffle, and the remainder of the field being set in their positions.

The winner of the A Dash joins the top seven qualifiers in the pole shuffle, with drivers going one on one in a two lap sprint in a hope to move closer to the front of the pack for the thirty five lap main event.

The Ian Boettcher Classic is to sure to be an event that you will not want to miss!

Ian Boettcher Classic Nominations (41)

A1 Matty Pascoe

W1 Gary Higgs

GL3 Graeme Elliott (withdrawn)

Q3 Matt Williams (withdrawn)

T3 David Nichols

V3 Mick Nicola

Q4 John Sheehan

Q6 Ty Pascoe

T6 Corey Smith

N7 Wayne Dick

RK8 Michael Larsen

Q8 Rod Enman

Q10 Steve Jordan

Q11 Mitchell Gee

Q12 David Musch

Q15 Gavin Northfield

Q18 Brad Pascoe

N19 Dion Bennett

N21 Darren Anning

T22 Callum Harper

N23 Andrew White

Q26 Sean Black

Q27 Ryan Cats

Q28 Zac Pascoe

Q29 Darren Saunders

N29 Zac Brims

Q31 Brendan Doyle

Q33 Justin Randall

Q34 Wayne Randall

Q35 Michael Kendall

Q36 Darren Kane

Q42 Michael Taylor

Q44 Trent Wilson

Q47 Barry Craft

N57 Tyson Moon

Q65 Zak Hudson

Q71 Shayne Lau

N77 Hayden Brims

Q95 Bob McCosker

Q98 Michael Hally

Q99 Mark O’Brien