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Image by Team Carnage Media

The statuesque continued in the Ivix Industries South West Sedan Championship second round at the Tyrepower Manjimup Speedway with Street Stocks Michael Hamon able to extend his points lead margin with a near faultless drive.

The current Production Sedan State Champion was joined by regular foe Kyle Sayer who took the victory in the Production Sedans while Seth Hinsey took out his first-round win in the series in the Junior Sedans.

Going undefeated over the night, Hamon had his work cut out for him in the feature race with three local drivers, Shane Whild, Jack Favero, and David Fall all surrounding him at one stage during the feature.

All three locals would make major errors in their quest to dethrone Hamon with Fall ending up getting the better of Favero for the last two spots on the podium.

Hamon now has only one mark against his name during the opening two rounds, winning all his events bar one where he finished second in the opening heat in Collie.

Sayer had his work cut out for him in an exciting feature for the Production Sedans with action throughout the whole field.

Albany’s Jason Batchelor threw all he had at the reigning Production Sedan Series Champion not giving in on the outside but sadly fell short.

Third place looked to be anyone’s when the caution flew with four to go when Jamie Higgs caught fire in turn four, with the third-place runner Rickie Nuccini slowing with mechanical problems. Fellow Collie driver Nathan Carter took advantage as the field went along the back straight, but his podium sights only lasted a corner when his right rear blew going up the hill. This elevated Shane Brittian who had a disastrous run in the qualifiers to finish on the last step on the podium.

Junior Sedans not to be outdone had a two-horse race for the entirety of their feature as Seth Hinsey and Brandon Buszan both not giving an inch as they worked their way through lap traffic, but it was one mistake made by Buszan as he tried to work his way past Seth’s sister Makayla the deciding factor.

The podium was rounded out by Hope Batchelor who drove brilliantly all night.

The series takes a break over the summer period with the next event at the Trade-Hire Augusta Margret River Speedway on March 13.

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Round Two Feature Results

SSA Junior Sedans – 12 Laps: 1. W66 Seth Hinsey, 2. W198 Brandon Buszan, 3. W23 Hope Batchelor, 4. W40 Vince Lindsay (11), 5. W87 Riley Hanson, 6. W64 Makayla Hinsey (11). DNF: W9 Ziggy Phllips (5). Total Time: 4.31.939. Winning Margin: 1.895. Fastest Lap: 22.341 W66 Seth Hinsey.

SSA Street Stocks– 20 Laps: 1. W7 Mick Hamon, 2. W18 Jack Favero, 3. WA10 David Fall, 4. WA16 Clint Hadley, 5. W10 Damon Thomson, 6. WA17 Jason Whild, 7. WA24 Jake Williams, 8. W2 Shane Whild, 9. W11 Adrian Whild, 10. W26 Brendan Fagan (19), 11. W8 Rohan Skraha (18), 12. W50 Gavin Yates (18), 13. W56 Sam Lanzini (16). DNF: W124 Jonty Barnsby (13), W24 Tim Matthews (13), W15 Wayne Thomson (12), W69 Paul Joss (9), WA18 Daniel Stanley (6). DNS: WA7 Mark McDonald. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.536. Fastest Lap: 21.237 WA10 David Fall.

SSA Production Sedans – 20 Laps: 1. W95 Kyle Sayer, 2. W46 Jason Batchelor, 3. W88 Shane Brittain, 4. W89 Alec Melvin, 5. W77 Mark Fardella, 6. W86 Wayne Leviston, 7. W26 Rob Trenaman, 8. W41 Rickie Nuccini, 9. W27 Rachel Spalding (19), 10. W7 Leticia Hamon (19), 11. W57 Kelsey Beard (19), 12. W42 Bev Brewer (19). DNF: W142 Nathan Carter (17), W84 Jamie Higgs (14), W8 Mitchell Killeen (12), W81 Lincoln Coleman (13), W61 Jake Blight (6). DNS: W16 Cody Blight, W36 Joe Wilson, W79 Bryan Purcell, W666 Vickie Sharrock. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.352. Fastest Lap: 20.649 W95 Kyle Sayer.