by | Nov 15, 2021 | SSA Modified Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, TAS

Images by Angryman Photography

The Latrobe Speedway Sedan Drivers Association finally kicked off its 2021/2022 season on Saturday Night at the Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway.

Corey Bauld took the lead on lap twenty of the Brett Waddington Memorial for SSA Street Stocks as a staggering forty competitors signed in for competition on the night.

Bauld lead home former Tasmanian champion Nathan Russell and early race leader Dale Riley Jnr.

Sam Gunn took advantage of the demise of Jakobe Jetson & Joshua Stephens to defeat a small field of SSA Modified Sedans.


Racing returns to the Latrobe venue on Saturday 4th December 2021 when another big field of SSA Street Stocks will be in action.

Official Results

SSA Street Stock A Main, 25 LAPS- 1. T77 Corey Bauld, 2. T23 Nathan Russell, 3. T28 Dale Riley Jnr, 4. T8 Jade Waddington, 5. T80 Nigel Apted, 6. T11 Matt Crawford, 7. T3 Harry Auton, 8. T85 Brett Henri (24), 9. T17 Mel Collins (24), 10. T15 Daniel Cunningham (24), 11. T12 Marcus Bryan (24), 12. T18 Daniel Campbell (23), 13. T6 Kent Clark (22), 14. T94 Luke Morgan (21), 15. T130 Tayla Vimpany (20), DNF T90 Blake Campbell (17), T110 Terry Hammond (15), T4 Steven Harvey (15), T29 Caleb Auton (15), T16 Nicholas Taylor (14), T10 Matt Hammond (0), T30 Bradley Currant (0).

SSA Modified Sedan A Main, 15 Laps- 1. T12 Sam Gunn, 2. T36 Timmy McCulloch, 3. T43 Justin Goss, 4. T8 Wade Cleary, 5. T21 Joshua Stephens, DNF T7 Jakobe Jetson (12), T44 John Moles (0).