Kye Is King On Australia Day

by | Jan 27, 2020 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

National Champion Kye Walters and New South Wales Champion Aidan Raymont have put on a absolute clinic in front of almost capacity crowd at IBRP Kingaroy Speedway in Queensland. In what was the eighth running of the Kings Royal, Walters and Raymont ran 50 laps almost inseparable against the Cushion that was only centimeters of the fence.

The two swapped positions endlessly throughout the race and a late race stoppage with 5 laps to go, saw a grand stand finish that had the crowd on their feet.

At the restart Raymont and Walters again traded positions with slide jobs and unbelievable moves that ultimately saw Walters get the narrowest win over Raymont.

After coming from the sixth row, Mark Raymont would finish third ahead of Matty Smith who debuted the new centura and came from position ten. Corey Stein finished fifth ahead of max Clarke, Brett Barron, Matt Nelson, Jordan Cunningham and Steve Jordan who rounded out the top ten.

The race can be found in its entirety on the Ash Media Facebook Page.

The South Burnett Speedway Club have already begun their preparations for the 9th Annual Kings Royal to be held in January 2021.

Official Result (Top Ten)

A Main, 50 Laps- 1. A1 Kye Walters, 2. G28 Aidan Raymond, 3. G27 Mark Raymont, 4. CR36 Matty Smith, 5. SB5 Corey Stein, 6. N15 Max Clarke, 7. SB48 Brett Barron, 8. V61 Matt Nelson, 9. CR99 Jordan Cunningham, 10. CR7 Steve Jordan