Kings Royal Attracts The Best

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Seventy eight Modified Sedans drivers will converge on Kingaroy this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the seventh annual running of the IBRP Kings Royal at the Kingaroy Showgrounds. Given no more than five of the nominated drivers drop out, it will be the biggest Kings Royal event to date.

The event this year has attracted some of the biggest names of Modified Sedan racing, headlined by current Queensland Number One Aidan Raymont including former Kings Royal winners Greg Worling (2014 and 2017) and Matty Smith (2018).

No less than twelve national champions will take part in this event that will pay out close to $40,000 in prize money this weekend. Raymont (2013), Worling (1998) and Smith (2017) are all former Australian Champions in Modified Sedan Racing, along with Andrew Blackwell (2010), Brett Baxter (2016), David Smith (2012), Gary Pagel (1999), Justin Drew (2006) and Max Clarke (2011) who are also former National Title holders in the class and racing in the Kings Royal this year.

A further three drivers nominated, Brock Atkins (Juniors 2015), Steve Jordan (Super Sedans 2011) and Tim Atkin (Proddies – 2014), have also been previously crowed Australia One but in different classes.

Racing is scheduled to commence each night from 5pm, with a full support program including Street Stocks and Production Sedans on Friday, Junior Sedans on Saturday and the second annual running of the Queens Royal on Sunday.

Nominations are as follows for the Kings Royal:

Q1 Aidan Raymont
BB3 Tim Atkin
RK3 Antony Gaunt
L3 Greg Worling
ACT3 Greg Stevenson
V4 Brock Atkins
SB4 Darren Baldwin
CR4 Shane Macdonald
G4 Glenn Pagel
MK5 Kent Menzies
CR5 Cameron Birch
G5 Brett Baxter
B5 Steve Jordan
SB6 Brad Stein
N7 Andrew Blackwell
V7 Justin Drew
B7 Trent Nicolia
CR8 Rodney Pammenter
G8 Lee Steffens
SB10 Stephen Geritz
V11 Wayne Ramsdale
SB11 Chris Hams
GL11 Tony Coomber
C12 Luke Hollyman
CR12 Brodie Boss
B12 Jake Hawkins
SB14 Matt Langton
L15 Max Clarke
SB15 Pacey Clegg
V15 Dale Hallett
V18 Jake Drewett
V19 David Smith
MK19 Wayne Gilroy
M21 Kent Shelford
CN21 Johnno Collins
RK22 Jack Cameron
SC22 Shannon Blackburn
MK23 Tim Smith
W23 Clint Noakes
SB24 Scott McDermott
CR24 David Head
V25 Brad Warren
G29 Jessica OMeara
CR32 Nathan MacDonald
L36 David Jacobi
RK43 Brenton Scott
MB43 Ian Wallace
SB44 Ashley Barron
V46 Kye Walters
SB48 Brett Barron
SB54 Mick Shelford
MK56 Darren Severs
C58 Tim Weir
V61 Matt Nelson
CR62 Matty Smith
M63 Brayden Pacey
B67 Jamie Love
MK68 Gary Pagel
CR69 Jason Schloss
B69 Steve Love
W73 Ray Clifton
CR73 Lee Volk
W74 Allan Mortimer
MK75 Myles Gilroy
CR78 Peter Gray
BB81 Dennis Shallcross
SB83 Brendon Kelly
G84 Mark Raymont
V87 Aaron Bunton
G88 Shane Robinson
SB88 David Barbeler
V88 Ty Galley
C89 Tj Horne
CR93 Jason Beer
SB97 Dave Marshall
CR99 Wade Cunningham
CR111 Kerry Lack
TBA Aaron Sander

Details courtesy of Ryan Harris
Photo: Aidan Raymont