King Of The Mount This Weekend

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Latest News

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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The prestigious King of the Mount will be held this weekend for Street Stock at the Redline Raceway, Ballarat, with 55 entries received for the re-run of the event which was washed out earlier this season.

As always, the event has attracted a stellar field, including National Champion Anthony Beare, who is also the defencing King of the Mount.

Australia two, Corey Sandow is also entered, along with Brad McClure, Jason DeGoldi, Mark Jennings, Darren Forrest, Jacob Mills and Lenny Bates, just to name a few of the drivers who will be dominant across the two nights of racing.

Racing will commence at 5.00pm on both days of competition.


V6 Peter Bryant
V8 Don Fyfe
N11 Jacob Mills
V11 David Missen
V12 Darren Giacometti
V13 Andrew Burgoyne
D13 Jaidyn Dredge
AX14 Megan Forrest
V14 Robert Smith
V15 Kye Walters
V17 Jamie Curtis
V18 Scott Secombe
S21 Mark Jennings
V22 Lee Harrison
MDA22 Corey Sandow
RDL23 Phillip Mitchell
V23 Mitch Viney
B23 Shaun Henry
V24 Brad McClure
V25 Jamie Crutchley
V27 Jason DeGoldi
S27 Cade Cox
V28 Chris Bohdal
V29 Ash Fox
V35 Colin Forbes
V36 Darryl Atkinson
V38 Scott Purdie
V39 Gerrard Mabbitt
V41 Darren Forrest
V42 Chris Hay
BGO42 Rob Lock
B42 Chris Whatmore
V43 Nathan Dunn
V45 Jeff Oldfield
V46 Kevin Apps
S46 Anthony Beare
V48 Mick Hetherington
B48 Mick Clark
V51 Stephen Petrie
V52 Jacque Whatmore
V61 Dale Blomeley
V62 Jayden Blomeley
V63 Priscilla Grech
V65 Felicity Roycroft
AX66 Luke Dingley
V66 Stuey Robinson
S67 Corey Knox
V74 Lenny Bates
V77 Melissa Crutchley
V81 Dylan Campton
V82 Shane Roycroft
V83 David Barrie
S87 Jayden Edwards
V89 Andrew Jordan
W125 Craig Clayton

Photo courtesy of Scott McIntosh