Kelly Back In The Winners Circle

by | Jun 2, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

After a bit of a break, Marty Kelly has once again returned to the winners circle, taking the win in the fifteen lap feature race event at Ellenbrook Speedway for Street Stocks.

Marty Kelly led away the feature after starting on the front row, with Ellenbrook President Anthony Heelan quickly moving into second while Freddy Kinsella, the last start feature winner at the venue and coming from near the rear of the field after a horror run in the earlier heats, made his way into third.

As Kelly pulled away, Kinsella was working the highline to find a way past Heelan, but it was not until Kinsella moved low that he was able to make the pass, taking over the second place running on lap seven.

Heelan fought back though, the two just 0.051 seconds apart as they crossed the line, Heelan then taking back second place shortly after.

Unfortunately it did not last much longer, Heelan spinning to a stop in turn two before continuing on, albeit in fifth place.

As Kelly began to approach lapped traffic, Kinsella set out to close the gap on the leader, getting from over 4.5 second to just 3.3 seconds with three laps remaining, but unfortunately for Kinsella the gap proved too much to close, Kelly going on to take the win from Kinsella and Brendan Vanzetti.

Unfortunately for Kinsella he was relegated at the conclusion of the race courtesy of the Heelan spin, with Kelly officially the winner from Vanzetti, while Heelan was third.

Street Stocks will be back at the Ellenbrook Speedway again tomorrow for the second of two days of action as we celebrate the annual Ellenbrook anniversary meeting.

Street Stock Feature Race Result, 15 laps: 1. W9 Marty Kelly, 2. W109 Brendan Vanzetti, 3. W21 Anthony Heelan, 4. W318 Freddy Kinsella, 5. W5 Jeff Rogers, 6. W10 Tracey Saunders (14). DNF: W17 Daniel Sutton (10). DNS: WA1 Hayden Norman, W89 Carl Pickersgill. Total Time: 5.59.906. Winning Margin: 7.453. Fastest Lap: 23.387 W318 Freddy Kinsella.

Details courtesy of Scott Beattie