Junior Sedan National Title Field Released

by | Jun 9, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Speedway Sedans Australia, have today released the field for the Speedway Sedans Australia, National Junior Sedan Title, to be held at the 7 Mate Northline Speedway, Darwin

Sixty drivers have entered for the event, with competitors coming from every State and Territory apart from Tasmania.

Fifteen drivers will represent the Northern Territory, eleven drivers will come from Queensland and Victoria, eight drivers will drive through the centre of Australia from South Australia, while fourteen drivers will come from Western Australia. Ryan Harris will be the lone New South Wales competitor.

The field includes former National Champion, Todd Atkins from Victoria (current WA Champion), along with current State Champions, Nathan Thorne (current NSW Champion), Ardie Jonic (current NT and Victorian Champion) and Heath Thorne (current SA Champion).

Racing will take place on Friday, 29 June 2018 and Saturday, 30 June 2018.

Nominations 60
S0 Heath Thorne SA
NT2 Xavier Gotts NT
S4 Thomas Richter SA
NT5 Zac Uniacke NT
S6 Corey Richter SA
V7 Darcy Micallef VIC
NT8 Shane Greening NT
NT9 Liam Gotts NT
Q11 Kurtis Peall QLD
W13 Blake Fletcher WA
NT14 Michael Jones NT
V15 Ricky Cornwall VIC
V16 Jade Moule VIC
NT17 Jack Yates NT
NT18 Lang Hayes NT
S19 Brad Gartner SA
W21 Jack Dalton WA
Q22 Mason Cameron QLD
Q23 Dylan Keen QLD
W24 Blake Iwanow WA
W25 Tyler Fraser WA
W26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont WA
NT27 Aleisha Grimshaw NT
NT28 Lachlan Spilsbury NT
W29 Luke Malcolm WA
V31 Todd Atkins VIC
S36 Blake Laan SA
V41 Jack Ramsdale VIC
NT42 Karl White NT
Q43 Erik Wallace QLD
S45 Aaron Tranter SA
NT46 Nicholas Dennis NT
W47 Jackson Derrick WA
Q48 Casey O’ Connell QLD
Q49 Katelyn Storey QLD
Q51 Nikolas Keeley QLD
Q52 Ardie Jonic QLD
V53 Ben Micallef VIC
W54 Bronty Fraser WA
W55 Riley Dunne WA
V56 Todd Moule VIC
V57 Zoe Young VIC
W58 Jasmine Arnold WA
V62 Kasey Garlick VIC
NT65 Isaiah Strong NT
NT66 Brodee Everett NT
S67 Damon Laan SA
N68 Ryan Harris NSW
Q72 Braith Hogan QLD
Q74 Ellie – Maree Peacock QLD
W75 Zac Minshull WA
V76 Jye Irving VIC
S78 Nathan Thorne SA
W79 Jorj Park WA
V81 Mitch Glynn VIC
Q82 Michael Larsen QLD
NT88 Lance Carew NT
NT99 Zack Grimshaw NT
W108 Blake Webb WA
W343 Tanika Webb WA