Joss Wins Johnson Memorial

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Latest News

Author : SSA

Paul Joss has tonight had one of the biggest wins of his Street Stock career as he raced his way to victory in the 25 lap Brett Johnson Memorial at Nickol Bay Speedway in Karratha.

Joss would share the front row with local gun Matt Herbert after the demise of overnight point�s leader Peter Herbert who blew a motor as he pulled up for celebrations after last night�s preliminary feature win. Peter changed a motor overnight to a stock standard one from a wreck but it unfortunately only lasted for half a heat before it too detonated.

Joss would get the jump on the start for the feature while Kununurra�s Russell Gunn would stick his nose under Matt Herbert for second initially. Herbert however would accelerate back around the outside to maintain the position.

The next lap Gunn would again look under Herbert, with the two side by side as they went across the line and Gunn finally making it stick on back straight. Jake Hoath would also start to make his presence known at this point, showing his nose to Herbert.

With five complete Joss would lead Gunn and Hoath who just stuck his bumper in front of Herbert as they crossed the line, while a lap later Joss would first encounter lapped traffic.

Lap after lap Hoath and Herbert would fight hard for third, as up the front Joss got baulked on lap twelve by two lapped cars, allowing Gunn to close the gap. Behind them was a great battle for fifth, sixth and seventh between Rowan Drysdale, Brinley McGaffin and Wayne Thomson.

With ten to go Joss made his way into a bit of clear air ahead of Gunn, while Herbert was still in hot pursuit of Hoath, drawing alongside him again on lap sixteen before Hoath was able to pull away once again.

With sixteen laps complete the first yellow flag of the feature flew with Kathy Wyatt spinning and Jake Hoath hitting her hard in turn one, Hoath getting some significant air and damaging his front bonnet. Luckily for him he was able to restart and take his rightful starting position, while Wyatt was the first retiree of the race.

The next restart saw chaos break out as some of the lead cars came together, Russell Gunn, Matt Herbert and Craig Clayton all getting involved and slowing. Gunn was able to head infield while Clayton and Herbert continued to slow for the next few laps on the outside of the track and bring out the yellows once again.

The following restart would be a five lap dash to the finish, with Joss leading away Hoath, McGaffin and Thomson. Again Joss raced away hard, but he was chased hard by Hoath as Thomson made his move around McGaffin to snare third place.

As the white flag flew Thomson drew alongside Hoath for second with McGaffin right behind them. Thomson then made his move and grabbed second while in one fowl swoop McGaffin also moved past Hoath for third.

Back up front though it was all Joss as he crossed the line in first place to claim the $3,000 winner�s cheque ahead of Wayne Thomson, while Brinley McGaffin became the hard charger as he claimed third place.

From the podium an emotional Joss thanked the Nickol Bay Club, with both him and Thomson saying that the track was one of the best in Western Australia they have ever raced on. Joss then proceeded to donated $500 of his winner�s cheque to EPIC, the charity supporting the local community by empowering them.

This would be in addition to the $5,000 cheque presented to EPIC by event organisers Leanne and Alan Couper on behalf of the whole Nickol Bay Speedway Club.

Overall it was an amazing weekend of racing and camaraderie, with a huge congratulations to the whole club for a well-run show. Also a huge thankyou to all participating drivers and we look forward to seeing this event once again next year!

Street Stock Feature Result – 25 laps: 1. W69 Paul Joss, 2. W15 Wayne Thomson, 3. W12 Brinley McGaffin, 4. W29 Jake Hoath, 5. W17 Bradley Minshull, 6. W11 Rowan Drysdale, 7. W23 Steve Griffiths (24), 8. W32 Ben Ferris (24), 9. W9 Steve O�Dowd (24), 10. W47 Brad Wilde (24), 11. W39 Alan Couper (24), 12. W89 Brett Dohnt (24), 13. W41 Leanne Couper (23), 14. W7 Clint Marks (23). DNF: W42 Matt Herbert (20), W27 Scott Wilde (19), W72 Russell Gunn (18), W35 Craig Clayton (18), W13 Kathy Wyatt (13). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.805. Fastest Lap: 20.835 W69 Paul Joss.