Joss Goes Back To Back

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Paul Joss has tonight completed a near on perfect weekend at Nickol Bay Speedway and in the process has grabbed back to back wins in the 5th annual Brett Johnson Memorial race for Street Stocks.

Joss went through the opening night with three wins and a third, the third place being due to a relegation for an infield pass after crossing the line in first place, then came back tonight to grab another two wins and lock in a pole position start for the twenty five lap feature.

Local hero Matt Herbert was the overnight points leader and looked destined to knock Joss out of the pole position start while leading his final heat, but with just a third of a lap left, his car suddenly appeared to detonate, allowing a car to pass him and putting his feature race start in jeopardy as he struggled across the line in second place.

After some frantic work in the pits Herbert and initially thinking he was going to have to withdraw was able to make the call as the race rolled out onto the track and would start the feature alongside Joss on the front row and from the get go, going in reverse direction, the duo were battling it out for the lead.

With just one lap complete Jake Hoath suffered a flat tyre and as he was heading infield he made contact with Craig Clayton who launched into the air and brought out the yellows lights, both cars forced infield.

The race restarted and continued for four laps before the yellows were on again, this time for Paul Bowman who spun.

Over the next stanza Joss would continue to hold Herbert at bay, while Albanys Peter Herbert was locked in a battle as he held off Alex Williams for third. Behind them Petrus Lamprecht was making the moves through the field and after starting in position seventeen was challenging Russell Gunn for sixth before he spun. Unfortunately as Lamprecht came back onto the track he was hit heavily by Bowman, bringing out the yellows once again and seeing the race end prematurely for both drivers.

Again the race resumed and the battles continued, Joss and Matt Herbert, Peter Herbert and Williams and even Gunn and Clint Marks who had raced into position seven from thirteenth all in their own battles before the yellows came on for the final time with six laps remaining as Stevie ODowd went around.

The final segment of the race saw Joss leading Herbert, who did get up inside Joss with two and a half laps to go but wasnt able to make the move stick, Joss driving straight as Herbert moved all around the track to find a way through.

Joss would go on to win by just over 0.7 of a second over Matt Herbert in what was a brilliant driver from both competitors, while Peter Herbert held off Alex Williams who continued to apply the pressure throughout the whole race. Clint Hadley had to settle for fifth after closing the gap between himself and Williams at a rate of knots in the closing stages while Clint Marks would also pass Russell Gunn in the dying second of the race for sixth.

After the race, Joss was clearly emotional as he dedicated his win to Brett and presented his specially made roof plate to Bretts father Col. Joss was also awarded the Best Presented Car while Ben Ridley received the Hard Charger Award after gaining ten positions in the feature.

A Main, 25 laps: 1. W8 Paul Joss, 2. W42 Matt Herbert, 3. W4 Peter Herbert, 4. W97 Brad Wilde, 5. W14 Alex Williams, 6. W72 Russell Gunn, 7. W6 Clint Hadley, 8. W29 Jake Hoath, 9. W35 Craig Clayton, 10. W96 Jack McAuley, 11. W52 Paul Bowman, 12. W15 Wayne Thomson, 13. W7 Clint Marks, 14. W39 Al Couper, 15. W18 Daniel Stanley, 16. W19 Stevie ODowd, 17. W94 Petrus Lamprecht, 18. W23 Steve Griffiths, 19. W9 Ben Ridley, 20. W20 Clinton Waldron, 21. W82 Colm ORiordan.
1. W8 Paul Joss, 2. W42 Matt Herbert, 3. W44 Peter Herbert, 4. W14 Alex Williams, 5. W6 Clint Hadley, 6. W7 Clint Marks, 7. W72 Russell Gunn, 8. W18 Daniel Stanley, 9. W9 Ben Ridley, 10. W23 Steve Griffiths, 11. W39 Al Couper, 12. W20 Clinton Waldron, 13. W19 Stevie ODowd, 14. W15 Wayne Thomson (24). DNF: W97 Brad Wilde (17), W52 Paul Bowman (13), W94 Petrus Lamprecht (13), W82 Colm ORiordan (6), W96 Jack McAuley (5), W29 Jake Hoath (1), W35 Craig Clayton (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.773. Fastest Lap: 20.554 W8 Paul Joss.