Jonic Secures National Title

by | Jun 30, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Ardie Jonic has won the Speedway Sedans Australia, National Junior Sedan Title, at the 7mate Northline Speedway in Darwin with a stirring victory, coming from position ten in a brilliant final.

The race had three mid race stoppages with unbelievable racing either side of it, with a five way battle for the lead either side of the stoppages, followed by a two car battle for the lead in the final stages.

Jack Ramsdale would start on pole for the twenty five lap decider, after going through all four qualifying heats undefeated, while Queenslands Eric Wallace would start on his outside.

Ramsdale would lead the opening lap in a spectacular opening but he would soon be joined by Wallace on the outside and Nathan Thorne, with Thorne hitting the lead soon after. Behind the trio, Blake Iwanow, Casey OConnell and Heath Thorne were running side by side, looking for a way through.

Thornes lead grew when Wallace and Iwanow hit the fence in the main straight, with both able to continue, but the lost ground to the leader as Mitch Glynn momentarily moved to second, as Ramsdale went back to sixth place.

Thorne opened a 1.150 second lead over an eight car pack fighting for the second place, which now also included Jorj Park and Ardie Jonic.

After eleven laps of brilliant racing, the first of three stoppages occurred, with Eric Wallace going sideway into the fence in turn two, leaving Blake Iwanow no where to go, eliminating both drivers. A lap later, Brad Gartner spun towards the back of the field, while on the resultant restart, Heath Thorne was send to the rear of the field for making contact with Ryan Harris, which caused a three car collision at the end of the main straight.

The three stoppages kept the field tightly bunched. Thorne was then having to contend with Casey OConnell, Jonic, Ramsdale and Mitch Glynn for the lead soon after in a great five way battle.

Jonic made the decisive move, moving to the outside, which paid dividends, with the Queenslander hitting the front. Thorne was not to be denied, as the pair broke away from the rest of the field in the concluding stages. Thorne and Jonic swapped the lead until lap twenty two, when Jonic finally broke the resistance, going on to record a brilliant win.

Earlier, Kurtis Peall and Lance Carew survived an incident packed C Main to advance to the B Main, while the B Main was won by Luke Malcolm from Western Australia, who was joined by Brad Gartner, Mason Cameron and Tyler Fraser in the main race.

Peall was also awarded the Best Presented Car and Crew Award.

A Main, 25 laps: 1. V41 Jack Ramsdale, 2. Q43 Erik Wallace, 3. W24 Blake Iwanow, 4. Q48 Casey O�Connell, 5. S0 Heath Thorne, 6. S78 Nathan Thorne, 7. V81 Mitch Glynn, 8. W77 Jorj Park, 9. V31 Todd Atkins, 10. Q52 Ardie Jonic, 11. Q72 Braith Hogan, 12. W47 Jackson Derrick, 13. V56 Todd Moule, 14. W21 Jack Dalton, 15. N68 Ryan Harris, 16. Q74 Ellie-Maree Peacock, 17. W29 Luke Malcolm, 18. S19 Brad Gartner, 19. Q22 Mason Cameron, 20. W25 Tyler Fraser.

1. Q52 Ardie Jonic, 2. S78 Nathan Thorne, 3. Q48 Casey O�Connell, 4. V81 Mitch Glynn, 5. Q72 Braith Hogan, 6. Q22 Mason Cameron, 7. S0 Heath Thorne, 8. W25 Tyler Fraser, 9. W21 Jack Dalton, 10. S19 Brad Gartner, 11. Q74 Ellie-Maree Peacock, 12. W77 Jorj Park, 13. W29 Luke Malcolm. DNF: 14. W47 Jackson Derrick (22), 15. N68 Ryan Harris (20), 16. W24 Blake Iwanow (10), 17. V31 Todd Atkins (10), 18. V43 Erik Wallace (10). DISQ: V41 Jack Ramsdale (Post Race (4 th), V56 Todd Moule (Post Race (6 th)). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.877. Fastest Lap: 18.932 Q52 Ardie Jonic.

Podium from left: 2nd Nathan Thorne, 1st Ardie Jonic, 3rd Casey OConnell