Jonic And Harris Successful In Junior Speedweek Round

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Ardie Jonic and Ryan Harris have won the twin Features on night two of the Junior Sedan Speedweek, held at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway on Friday night.

Leading up to the twin Feature events, nine qualifying heats were held, such was the entry list, with Ellie Peacock, Mason Cameron, Hayden Brims and Jonic all winning heats in the opening round. James Ryan, Ryan Harris, Braith Hogan and Katelyn Storey were all successful in round two.

Jonic did not start on the front row for the opening Feature event, but was in front after the opening lap, and was effectively never headed. Jonic did have to survive a late stoppage, but he drove away in the concluding laps to record a good win. Casey OConnell who started on the third row, made his way to second with two laps to go while Mason Cameron finished third.

The second Feature would see Ryan Harris and Erik Wallace swap the lead through the opening laps, prior to Harris taking charge. Wallace then found himself with a challenge from Kasey Garlick who momentarily moved to second, before Wallace fought back. Garlick in-turn came under pressure from Braith Hogan who moved to third with six laps remaining, demoting Garlick to fourth.

The Junior Sedan Speedweek continues at Maryborough on Saturday night, prior to the fourth night Grand Final at Hi Tec Oils Speedway, Toowoomba on Sunday night.

Live Audio of Saturday nights racing is available from Speedway Sedans Australias website (Channel 2), with the first night of the Kurt Murdoch Classic for Production Sedans being the main event, attracting 45 entries. Racing will again commence at 4.00pm EST

:: Junior Sedans, Speedweek Night Two

Heat 1, 8 Laps: 1. C74 Ellie Peacock, 2. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 3. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 4. M44 Ashleigh Moller, 5. M14 Jaiden Torrisi, 6. N16 Jackson Goldie, 7. M18 Bryce Bayfield, 8. C11 Bodhi Russ (6 laps). Time: 2.44.078, Winning Margin: 6.666, Fastest Lap: 19.722 C74 Ellie Peacock

Heat 2, 8 Laps: 1. RK22 Mason Cameron, 2. N48 Ryan Harris, 3. B48 Casey OConnell, 4. CR99 Jordan Cunningham, 5. RK42 Katelyn Storey, 6. RK75 Braith Hogan, 7. RK51 Nikolas Keeley (7 laps). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.001, Fastest Lap: 20.180 N48 Ryan Harris

Heat 3, 8 Laps: 1. N77 Hayden Brims, 2. CN43 Erik Wallace, 3. RK8 Michael Larsen, 4. RK2 Abi Meehan, 5. G51 Kaleb Thoroughgood, 6. G27 Joshua Rigby, 7. M32 Tayissa Richters (5 laps), 8. C23 Dylan Keen (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.071, Fastest Lap: 19.165 N77 Hayden Brims

Heat 4, 8 Laps: 1. Q1 Ardie Jonic, 2. V62 Kasey Garlick, 3. M39 Kayden Swindells, 4. M8 James Ryan, 5. B18 Zac Pascoe, 6. M69 Linkin Huth (7 laps), 7. M17 Cooper Reid (7). Time: 2.29.291, Winning Margin: 5.351, Fastest Lap: 18.297 Q1 Ardie Jonic

Heat 5, 8 Laps: 1. M8 James Ryan, 2. N77 Hayden Brims, 3. RK8 Michael Larsen, 4. G51 Kaleb Thoroughgood, 5. RK51 Nikolas Keeley, 6. M14 Jaiden Torrisi, 7. C23 Dylan Keen (0). Time: 2.42.810, Winning Margin: 0.548, Fastest Lap: 19.740 M8 James Ryan

Heat 6, 8 Laps: 1. N48 Ryan Harris, 2. RK22 Mason Cameron, 3. B18 Zac Pascoe, 4. B48 Casey OConnell, 5. C11 Bodhi Russ, 6. M69 Linkin Huth, 7. CR99 Jordan Cunningham. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.515, Fastest Lap: 17.981 RK22 Mason Cameron

Heat 7, 8 Laps: 1. RK75 Braith Hogan, 2. CN43 Erik Wallace, 3. V62 Kasey Garlick, 4. M44 Ashleigh Moller, 5. M32 Tayissa Richters (5 laps), 6. Q1 Ardie Jonic (1), 7. C74 Ellie Peacock (1), 8. BB11 Kurtis Peall (1). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.266, Fastest Lap: 18.714 RK75 Braith Hogan

Heat 8, 8 Laps: 1. RK42 Katelyn Storey, 2. M39 Kayden Swindells, 3. G27 Joshua Rigby, 4. N16 Jackson Goldie, 5. M18 Bryce Bayfield, 6. RK2 Abi Meehan, 7. C12 Brodie Hollyman, 8. M17 Cooper Reid (7 laps). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.202, Fastest Lap: 20.058 RK42 Katelyn Storey

A Main 1, 20 Laps: 1. Q1 Ardie Jonic, 2. B48 Casey OConnell, 3. RK22 Mason Cameron, 4. RK8 Michael Larsen (19 laps), 5. M44 Ashleigh Moller (19), 6. G27 Joshua Rigby (19), 7. RK51 Nikolas Keeley (19), 8. M14 Jaiden Torrisi (19), 9. N16 Jackson Goldie (18), 10. G51 Kaleb Thoroughgood (18), 11. M69 Linkin Huth (17), 12. N77 Hayden Brims (16), 13. M39 Kayden Swindells (16), 14. M17 Cooper Reid (15), 15. M8 James Ryan (2). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.648, Fastest Lap: 17.777 Q1 Ardie Jonic

A Main 2, 20 Laps: 1. N48 Ryan Harris, 2. CN43 Erik Wallace, 3. RK75 Braith Hogan, 4. V62 Kasey Garlick, 5. BB11 Kurtis Peall, 6. C23 Dylan Keen, 7. B18 Zac Pascoe, 8. RK42 Katelyn Storey, 9. M18 Bryce Bayfield, 10. RK2 Abi Meehan, 11. C11 Bodhi Russ (19 laps), 12. C12 Brodie Hollyman (18), 13. M32 Tayissa Richters (12), 14. C74 Ellie Peacock (0). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.768, Fastest Lap: 17.627 RK75 Braith Hogan