John Gore Announces Retirement

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

John Gore has announced his retirement from Speedway after a career which has spanned 50 years.

Based in NSW, I first met John ten years ago, and immediately started calling him Little J. Little J was small in stature but big in all other respects, with John having held a plethora of administrative positions after a racing career which started in 1969.

Gore first went to the Speedway in 1968, the second meeting of the now defunct Morisset Speedway, and by meeting three he was the flagman.

His first car was constructed in 1969, the first of 30 he competed in, across a multitude of categories.

A year later, along with several others, he helped with the formation of the NSW branch of the ASCF, which is now known as Speedway Sedans NSW.

By 1974, John had changed divisions which saw him instrumental in establishing the NSW Modified Rod Association, for the Clubs from Lismore, Newcastle and Heddon Greta. That Association is now the Australian Dirt Modified Association.

Little Js list of positions held, is a history in itself, such has been his dedication to the sport we all love.

He was the Track Manager at Heddon Greta Speedway 1972/3
He was the Director of the Northern NSW production Sedan Club, 1969/72 and competed in that division.

John held the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Scrutineer and Steward in the Hunter Valley Modified Rod Club for 5 years whilst competing at Heddon Greta, Gunnedah, Lismore, Minore, Goulburn and Newcastle

From 1982 to 2002 John was also the President, Secretary, Committee Member, Race Director, Scrutineer, Chief Steward and Pit Marshall with the Newcastle Super Sedan Club Inc.

John received Life membership from the Newcastle Super sedan club in 1992/3.

He would also receive recognition from the Promotion of Newcastle Motordrome for 21 years of continuing service to that venue, 1976-1997.

John was the NSW State delegate to ASCF, now Speedway Sedans Australia for 20 years, and is still a licenced SSA Chief scrutineer and Chief Steward.

John was a Competitor Board member to Speedway NSW/ACT for the last 12 years, formally NASR NSW/ACT, and before that, FAS NSW/ACT now all defunct, he outlasted them all. He was fully accredited with NASR (Speedway Australia) having completed modules 1, 2, and 3 of driver safety, Fire training, Stewarding and Lap scoring.

John has been an ASCF (SSA) representative and Title coordinator for many National titles and also a Steward and Scrutineer at many ASCF and SSA National Titles. This is where I got to know John best.

Nothing was ever too much trouble and if there was something we did not have, we soon did. He also ensured that the visiting officials were looked after, and morning tea and lunches were always a specialty.

John is a current member and was secretary of the NSW Super Sedan association since its inception and received life membership in 2011/12 but did not stand for re-election at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

John was State Secretary for Speedway Sedans NSW from 1996 to 2015 and was the Assistant State Steward last season and by that position was an Executive committee member for Speedway Sedans NSW.

And such dedication over such an inordinate amount of time, would not be possible without the devotion and love and support of his wife Sylvia, who was there through it all at his side.

With Speedway Sedans Australia celebrating fifty years, it would be remiss of us not to recognise such dedication and service to the sport we all love.

Congratulations Little J, we celebrate and congratulate John Gore, and wish you all the best in retirement.

Details obtained from Benny Taylor