by | Apr 25, 2021 | SA, SSA Modified Sedans

Victorian Champion Jake Drewett has capped off a remarkable seven days by capturing victory in the 2020/2021 SSA Modified Sedan SA State Title last night at the Whyalla Speedway.

Drewett got the better of the twenty five lap battle with five time and defending South Australian Champion Peter “Spider” McCarthy, as the pair put on a great display of hard but clean racing.

Victorian Andrew Dike brought his Ford Falcon home in third place nearly four seconds behind the two entries from Mildura as the race went the entire twenty five laps without a stoppage.

Former South Australian Champion Terry Brown qualified the S9 Ford Falcon from pole position and battled both McCarthy and Drewett in the early going.

Brown eventually fell to fifth place by race end after suffering a flat right rear in tyre in the concluding stages with the first South Australian car across the line being the older model Ford Falcon of Ben Whitehead who was officially fourth.

The Mitsubishi Magna of Nathan Thorne continued its strong from in SSA Street Stock competition as he took out the thirty lap main event for round six of the 2020/2021 MJS Street Stock Series ahead of Mount Gambier’s Jayden Edwards and Nigel Reichstein.

Speedway Sedans South Australia President Paul Blenkiron claimed victory in the twenty lap Brian Skelton Memorial for SSA Super Sedans ahead of Neville Nitschke and Kym Jury with Chelsea Gwynne claiming the SSA Junior Sedan Feature Race.

Official Results of the 2020/2021 SSA Modified Sedan SA State Title

Heat One, Twelve Laps- 1. MDA18 Jake Drewett, 2. S93 Ben Whitehead, 3. MDA6 Peter McCarthy, 4. S89 Justin Demaine, 5. S95 Rob Uren, 6. S9 Terry Brown, 7. S8 Marty Raams, 8. S0 Trevor Raams, 10. MDA44 Aaron Graham, 11. S65 Mark Janssan (11), 12. V37 Andrew Dike (9)

Heat Two, Twelve Laps- 1. S9 Terry Brown, 2. S31 Darren Allen, 3. S0 Trevor Raams, 4. S93 Ben Whitehead, 5. MDA6 Peter McCarthy, 6. S95 Rob Uren, 7. S89 Justin Demaine, 8. V37 Andrew Pike, 9. S65 Mark Janssan, DNF S8 Marty Raams (4), MDA 18 Jake Drewett (0), MDA44 Aaron Graham (0)

Heat Three, Twelve Laps- 1. MDA6 Peter McCarthy, 2. MDA18 Jake Drewett, 3. S9 Terry Brown, 4. S31 Darren Allen, 5. S95 Rob Uren, 6. S0 Trevor Raams (11), 7. S65 Mark Janssan (11), DNF V37 Andrew Dike (2), S93 Ben Whitehead (1), S89 Justin Demaine (1)

A Main, Twenty Five Laps- 1. MDA18 Jake Drewett, 2. MDA6 Peter McCarthy, 3. V37 Andrew Dike, 4. S93 Ben Whitehead (24), 5. S9 Terry Brown (24), 6. S0 Trevor Raams (24), 7. S31 Darren Allen (24), 8. S95 Rob Uren (24), 9. S65 Mark Janssan (23), 10. MDA44 Aaron Graham (22)

MJS STREET STOCK SERIES ROUND SIXA Main, Thirty Laps- 1. S53 Nathan Thorne, 2. S87 Jayden Edwards, 3. S14 Nigel Reichstein, 4. MDA97 Wade Fell, 5. S36 Adrian Jones, 6. S22 Tony Prideaux, 7. S33 Bryan Brown, 8. S16 Jake Hamilton (28), DNF S44 Heath Thorne (23), S123 Denis Knowles (21), S152 Michael Brown (22), S8 Paul Hayes (20), S96 Wayne Fosteris (14), S116 Jarrod Hamilton (5), S198 Bradley Sheridan (1)

BRIAN SKELTON MEMORIAL FOR SSA SUPER SEDANSA Main, Twenty Laps- 1. S22 Paul Blenkiron, 2. S58 Neville Nitschke, 3. S93 Kym Jury, 4. S42 Shane Lambe, 5. S4 Andrew Leach, 6. S99 Mitchell Rigney, 7. S66 Sarah Pope (19)

SSA JUNIOR SEDAN FEATURE RACE, TWELVE LAPS- 1. S24 Chelsea Gwynne, 2. S9 Lachlan Brown, 3. S5 Riley Greig, 4. S12 Max Richter, 5. S16 Corey Richter

Jake Drewett