Iwanow Goes Out A Champion in WA Title

by | Jan 20, 2020 | SSA Junior Sedans


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Author : Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Blake Iwanow has successfully defended his West Australian Junior Sedan Title, at the Makit Hardware, Narrogin Speedway on Sunday night.

Just Gavin Myers in 1979 and 1980 along with Bradley Oldfield in 2016 and 2017 have been able to achieve the feat prior to Iwanow in the 43 year history of the event.

Iwanow would start on the front row of the grid for the 25 lap main event with Beau Oldfield, while South Australian Drew Flatman and Broome driver Riley Dunne would start on row two.

The race would be run at a cracking pace, with the first of five stoppages occurring on lap three when Brandon Buszan spun on turn four.

The resultant restart would see Drew Flatman, Beau Oldfield and Riley Dunne all racing closely, trying to stay with the defending Champion. On lap six, Flatman was deemed to have spun Riley Dunne, sending Flatman to the rear of the field. On the restart, Dean Schofields car didnt accelerate, sending cars everywhere, resulting in a third caution, with Schofield going to the rear of the field.

The race would then settle into a rhythm with thirteen consecutive laps under green. Iwanow opened a handy break, but behind him, a brilliant battle ensued for the minor placings with Beau Oldfield and Riley Dunne fighting for second place, while Kayne Dellar, Brandon Buszan, Jye Irving and Rory Elsum-Beaumont would have a great battle for the fourth position. Irvings elevation through the field was spectacular after starting on the sixth row, with the Victorian putting in a great display of driving.

Kurtis Blackburn spun in turn four bringing on the yellow lights, as Iwanow had opened up a lead of 3.126 seconds. Iwanow also broke the one lap track record on lap nineteen, setting a time of 19.751, as the yellow lights came on.

With a six lap restart called, the race would change complexion, with Iwanow not getting away from the field as he had previously, with Beau Oldfield challenging in the laps that followed.

A further twist four laps from the finish would occur, when Josh Ahearn lost a wheel in the main straight, leaving drivers with the same scenario as a week previous in the National Title, a four lap re-start.

Oldfield immediately challenged Iwanow for the lead, but Iwanow was able to hold off the challenges to claim his second consecutive victory, with Oldfield a gallant second. Riley Dunne drove a great race to finish third, with Irving a credible fourth.

It would be Iwanows 51st and last Feature win in SSA Junior Sedans, with the talented driver retiring from Junior racing as a true Champion.

A Main, 25 laps: 1. WA1 Blake Iwanow, 2. W84 Beau Oldfield, 3. S112 Drew Flatman, 4. W55 Riley Dunne, 5. W66 Seth Hinsey, 6. W95 Kayne Dellar, 7. W198 Brandon Buszan, 8. W63 Bryden Southwell, 9. WA26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont, 10. V57 Zoe Young, 11. W119 Joshua Ahearn, 12. A1 Mitchell Baker, 13. V46 Jye Irving, 14. WX24 Jonty Barnsby, 15. W8 Brody Day, 16. WX73 Blake Palmer, 17. WA17 Kurtis Blackburn, 18. W17 Cody Mackellar, 19. W22 Dean Schofield, 20. W121 Taj Vanzetti, 21. WA95 Izak Davies, 22. W29 Deagan McNally.

1. WA1 Blake Iwanow, 2. W84 Beau Oldfield, 3. W55 Riley Dunne, 4. V46 Jye Irving, 5. W95 Kayne Dellar, 6. WA17 Kurtis Blackburn, 7. V57 Zoe Young, 8. A1 Mitchell Baker, 9. W66 Seth Hinsey, 10. WA95 Izak Davies, 11. W22 Dean Schofield, 12. WX73 Blake Palmer, 13. W29 Deagan McNally. DNF: 14. W198 Brandon Buszan (24 laps), 15. WX24 Jonty Barnsby (23), 16. W119 Joshua Ahearn (20), 17. S112 Drew Flatman (19), 18. WA26 Rory Elsum-Beaumont (19), 19. W8 Brody Day (17), 20. W63 Bryden Southwell (9), 21. W121 Taj Vanzetti (9). DQ: W17 Cody Mackellar. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.241. Fastest Lap: 19.751 WA1 Blake Iwanow.