by | Dec 14, 2022 | QLD, SSA Street Stocks

Press Release by Speedway Sedans Queensland, Image by 44 Photography

An amazing field of forty-nine Street Stocks have nominated for the upcoming Queensland Street Stock Title that will be held at IBRP Kingaroy Speedway this Saturday 17 December.

In what will be the ninth running of the Queensland Title, if the entire field of forty-nine nominations start the event, it will equal the biggest SSQ State Street Stock Title in history. Gympie, who hosted the title a week after the national title was held in Kingaroy back in 2017, also attracted 49 cars to the state title.

This will be the 4th time Kingaroy has hosted the Queensland Street Stock Title.

With a field boasting 15 interstate drivers, the title will be action a plenty and outstanding to watch. It’s an awesome effort by so many drivers willing to make the trip to the likable Kingaroy venue.

Matt Nelson has the opportunity to win this event for the fourth time in succession but faces another impressive line up of drivers from all over Australia.

The numbers below show the number of cars that started each Queensland Title and also demonstrates the popularity of Street Stocks in Queensland as they continue to grow:

2023 – 49 Noms (Kingaroy)
2022 – 33 (Gympie)
2021 – 37 (Kingaroy)
2020 – Not Held (Covid)
2019 – 40 (Toowoomba)
2018 – 32 (Blackwater)
2017 – 49 (Gympie)
2016 – 33 (Kingaroy)
2015 – 23 (Rockhampton)
2014 – 21 (Kingaroy)

The previous winners of each event is as equally impressive:

2023 – ???
2022 – Matt Nelson (VIC)
2021 – Matt Nelson (VIC)
2020 – Not Held (Covid)
2019 – Matt Nelson (VIC)
2018 – Robert Trapp (QLD)
2017 – Darren Giacometti (VIC)
2016 – Stephen English (QLD)
2015 – Josh Arthur (QLD)
2014 – Anthony Beare (SA)

This will be an epic event and you can watch every lap on Clay-Per-View.

Nominations (49)

Q1 Matt Nelson (VIC)
SB4 Kyron Clegg
GL5 Richard Cook
N5 Luke Gray (NSW)
CR7 Bradley Priestley
SB10 Ben Stead
C13 Steve Cook
G13 Sue Chapman
V13 Dale Morrison (VIC)
NT15 Jack Yates (NT)
V16 Ricky Cornwall (VIC)
SB17 Dylan Jarman
RK18 Matthew Shields
CR22 Brad Sieders
V22 Matthew Brooks (VIC)
V23 Mick Dann (VIC)
RK27 Braith Hogan
SB31 Jake Wilkinson
CR31 Luke Wilkinson
CR33 Darren Ciesiolka
G33 Ryan Kahler
BB33 Xak Cooney
RK33 Toby Maloney
C34 Brandon Stoward
RK37 Ken Carroll
BB47 Beau Pieters
WA47 Curtis Harris (WA)
N47 Dale Corbett (NSW)
N48 Chris Corbett (NSW)
CR59 Ricky Gill
C64 John Stoward
RK68 Kenneth Simpson
C69 Michael Hillhouse
V69 Lockhlan Glare (VIC)
V82 Shane Roycroft (VIC)
CR83 Nathan MacDonald
RK83 John Roycroft
V84 Brad Warren (VIC)
V85 Rhys Meakins (VIC)
BB87 Jessica Dakin-Masters
SB88 Nathan Barbeler
BB94 Fletcher Smith
BB95 Brandon Hough
RK95 James Russell
CR96 Ben Langton
V96 Hayden Glare (VIC)
CR97 Chris Reibelt
CR99 Peter Thompson
SC99 Gordon Midolo