It Is Title Time

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

After months of waiting, the waiting is over! The Speedway Sedans Australia, Mental Racewear, National Street Stock Title is now here with 132 drivers set to compete in the second largest National Title in Australian Speedway history, at the B & S Earthworks, Timmis Speedway Mildura on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Four times National Champion, Anthony Beare heads the line-up, and is joined by former three times National Champion, Brad McClure of Victoria. Fellow Victorian, Robbie Faux, a two times winner, is also in the field, as is Jamie Oldfield of Western Australia, who won the 2005 and 2010 National Titles. Between the four of them, they have won ten of the last twelve National Finals. Mark Jennings (1), Michael Hamon (2) and Rhys Heinrich (1) have also won National Titles, making this one of the strongest National Title fields ever. Add to this, former National Junior Sedan Champion, Brock Atkins and we have eight National Champions in the field. Between them they have won 16 National Titles.

Current and four times National Champion Anthony Beare, will be looking to win his fifth National Title, while the current West Australian Champion, Jack Barnewall, Victorian, and South Australian Champion, Anthony Beare, New South Wales Champion, Rhys Heinrich, Tasmanian Champion, Nathan Russell, Queensland Champion, Robert Trapp and Northern Territory Champion, Jason Duell are all in the field, the first time every Champion has been represented at the National Title.

There will be eleven heats per round, with the first event on both nights scheduled for 4.45pm EDST.


S0 Moss Buchanan
S2 Marty Kelly
ACT3 Colin Peadon
V4 Dean Jenkins
NT5 Justin Brumfield
V6 Peter Bryant
V7 Craig Claridge
Q8 Nathan Barbeler
T9 Steven Harvey
T10 Matt Hammond
V11 Rob Faux
V12 Jamie Collins
V13 Andrew Burgoyne
V14 Jared Wilkinson
S15 Sam Brumfield
W16 Jack Barnewall
V17 Jason Faux
V18 Ricky Throckmorton
V19 Eugene Bennett
V21 Todd Rose
V22 Corey Sandow
V23 Trevor Logan
V24 Bradley McClure
V25 Jamie Crutchley
V26 Daniel Drewett
V27 Jason Degoldi
T28 Dale Riley Jnr
W29 Damon Lyall
V31 Donald Irving
V32 Lee Harrison
V33 Nathan Dunn
V35 Colin Forbes
V36 Greg Parks
V37 Darryl Atkinson
V38 Aaron Bunton
V39 Gerrard Mabbitt
V41 Darren Forrest
V42 Chris Hay
V43 Jamie Lock
V44 Shaun McCLure
W45 Andrew Norton
S46 Anthony Beare
S47 Aaron Tyler
V48 Michael Clark
V49 Shaun Jenkins
W51 Jamie Oldfield
S52 Heath Thorne
N53 Kasey Staker
T54 Ben Riley
V55 Aj Lawrence
T56 Bradley Thompson
V57 Mathew Lyons
S58 Neville Nitschke
S59 Haydon Jolly
V61 Dale Blomeley
S62 Timothy Humby
V63 Jayden Blomeley
V64 Matt Nelson
S65 Paul Hayes
V66 Stuey Robinson
V67 Corey Knox
V68 Kayla Knox
W69 Paul Joss
S71 Andy Maxwell Snr
S72 Darren Flatman
Q73 Robert Trapp
V74 Lenny Bates
V75 Troy Polley
W76 Hayden Norman
T77 Corey Bauld
Q78 Travis Hutchison
V79 Wade Fell
V81 Dylan Campton
V82 Shane Roycroft
V83 Scott Mason
V84 David Barrie
V85 Michael Hume
S86 Bailey Heinrich
S87 Jayden Edwards
V89 Andrew Jordan
W91 Evan Wakefield
V92 Nikita Wilson
S93 Ben Whitehead
NT94 Allan Spence
W95 Jason Oldfield
S97 Craig Buchanan
T98 Robbie Fisher
Q99 Peter Thompson
V101 Leigh Gooding
W102 Hamish Macalpine
V103 Shaun Henry
S104 Ben Tuttle
W105 Jace Kempton
W107 Michael Hamon
V108 Scott Secombe
T110 Terry Hammond
S111 Rhys Heinrich
V112 Darren Giacometti
V113 Ben Barker
S114 Nigel Reichstein
S116 Bryan Brown
S117 Carey Weston
S118 Jason Duell
T119 Mat Crawford
S121 Mark Jennings
W122 Paul Briggs
T123 Nathan Russell
W124 Ethan Genev
S127 Cade Cox
V128 Brooke Ferguson
V129 Mick Dann
V131 Jaidyn Dredge
S132 Andy Maxwell Jnr
V133 Mitchell Viney
V134 Dale Morrison
T135 Matthew Atkinson
T137 Corey Jetson
V141 Brock Atkins
S142 Jamie Owens
V143 Stephen Petrie
T144 John Riley
V145 Robert Smith
T146 Brendon Green
V147 Robert Lock
V148 Steven Watts
V149 Chris Whatmore
T151 Troy Russell
V154 Morris Ahearn
S155 Matthew Maynard
V157 Matthew Glab
S162 Phillip Watson
V164 Dylan Wilkinson

Official Scrutineering will commence at 7.00am EDST on Friday, which will be followed by Official Practice.

Grid Draws will be released on Friday evening, and published on the SSA Website and Facebook Page.

Speedway Sedans Australia will give unparalleled coverage, with updates throughout Scrutineering including a photo gallery, along with live audio of practice on Channel 1 on the SSA Website, with live timing on Race Monitor.

The Award Winning Speedway Sedans Live (Live Streaming) will headline the broadcast on Saturday and Sunday with five camera angles capturing all of the action. Race Monitor and Speedhive will be available on phone applications, while Live Audio will also be available. Results will also be published on Facebook after every race, with regular updates to the website throughout the night. Winners of each race will also be interviewed with the coverage scheduled to commence at 3.45pm EDST.

Photo: National Champion Anthony Beare
Photo courtesy of Solid Rock Photography