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Press Release by the Super Sedan Association

HOLLYWOOD could not have scripted a better fairytale ending after Ian Brims took out the Super Sedan feature race at Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway on his retirement night, February 27.

His final drive is the one everyone in attendance at the venue will remember after Brims, 72, earlier declared it was time to hang up the helmet.He went out the best way possible . . . he went out in style . . . he went out a winner . . . he went out a champion on and off the track!

It was round ten of the McCosker Super Sedan Series, but for once that really did not take precedence when the emotion of the night overflowed as Brims took centre stage on the presentation dais to officially call time.

“I wanted to finish my career at Lismore because that’s where I had my first race,” Ian said.“I was happy, sad, elated and just so excited to finish my last race with a victory.

It was sad in one way because I have always enjoyed speedway but I had to make a decision to retire.”

It all started for Ian Brims at the Lismore Showground venue in the 1985-86 season and during his three decade-plus career he has won national and state titles in different sedan categories.

A highlight of the round ten 30-lap feature race was the battle for the lead in the latter half of the event between Brims and Sean Black.

They swapped the front running before Ian ultimately staked his claim for victory when he again hit the lead with only several laps remaining.Initially it was Black who led from Matt Pascoe.

As the race settled down further back in the field Trent Wilson was right on the tail of Darren Kane as Roza and Hayden Brims battled for positions.

It was not a good night for Kane who withdrew after 11 laps because the car was “bottoming out and shovelling up dirt” while another pre-race favourite Mick Nicola ended his night early after three laps.

Ian Brims was later on the charge as he reached second spot after half distance. It was later when the battle at the head of the field unfolded as Ian Brims got to the lead before Black came back again.

With such an important race on the line, Ian Brims hit back and returned to the lead which he held to the finish to record a very well deserved and emotional victory.

Roza turned in a good drive to ultimately finish second while Black was third.The top ten were rounded out by: Matt Pascoe, Steve Jordan, Zac Pascoe, Trent Wilson, Hayden Brims, Dion Bennett and Josh McLaren.

Nine cars finished on the same lap, indicative of the intense competition the Super Sedans provided on the tight Lismore bull ring.

Black set the fastest lap during the feature race with a time of 14.725 seconds for a speed of 97.793 km/h.

Matt Pascoe and Sean Black recorded two heat wins, while other heat winners were Kane and Roza.

Race Results:

Heat One: Sean Black 26, Hayden Brims 111, Craig Hammond 2, Mick Nicola V3, Bob McCosker 39, Mark O’Brien 99. Time 2:33.784. Margin 2.401. Fastest Lap Bob McCosker 14.957.

Heat Two: Darren Kane A1, Zac Pascoe 51, David Musch 12, Nicholas O’Keeffe 20, Josh McLaren 96, Wayne Randall 6, Ray Lane 5. Time 4:16.802. Margin 3.869. Fastest Lap Darren Kane 14.819.

Heat Three: Matt Pascoe 47, Steve Jordan 7, Trent Wilson 44, Ian Brims 76, Tania Smith 3Sam Roza 77, Dion Bennett 19, Brad Pascoe 7. Time: 2:33.586. Margin 0.626. Fastest Lap Matt Pascoe 14.984.

Heat Four: Sam Roza 77, Ian Brims 76, Bob McCosker 39, Hayden Brims 111, Steve Jordan 7, Josh McLaren 96, Dasvid Musch 12, Ray Lane 5. Time 2:34.476. Margin 3.333. Fastest Lap Sam Roza 15.032.

Heat Five: Sean Black 26, Mick Nicola V3, Nicholas O’Keeffe 20, Dion Bennett 19, Tania Smith 3. Time 2:36.085. Margin 1.609. Fastest Lap Sean Black 14.873.

Heat Six: Matt Pascoe 47, Darren Kane A1, Trent Wilson 44, Zac Pascoe 51, Craig Hammond 2, Brad Pascoe 7, Mark O’Brien 99. Time 2:33.679. Margin 2.143. Fastest Lap Matt Pascoe 14.863.

Feature: Ian Brims 76, Sam Roza 77, Sean Black 26, Matt Pascoe 47, Steve Jordan 7, Zac Pascoe 51, Trent Wilson 44, Hayden Brims 111, Dion Bennett 19, Josh McLaren 96 (29), Brad Pascoe 7 (28), Bob McCosker 39 (28), Ray Lane 5 (26), Craig Hammond 2 DNF, Nicholas O’Keeffe 20 DNF, David Musch 12 DNF, Mick Nicola DNF.

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