Huntjens Huge Win

by | Jul 30, 2017 | Latest News


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Author : SSA

Peter Huntjens today was all class as he raced his way to victory at Ellenbrook Speedway in the Winter Classic for Street Stocks.

Hayden Norman up until the feature race had had a perfect day, winning all three of his heats to start on pole in the main event alongside Huntjens who had claimed two seconds and a third place in his preliminaries.

In the first attempt at a start, Norman and Huntjens were challenged by third place man Freddy Kinsella, who raced quickly into the lead, before slight contact was made with Norman, with Kinsella then spinning across the field in turn four to bring out the yellows before a lap was completed.

This would set up a complete restart, with Huntjens getting the best of the next attempt and taking the lead, closely followed by Norman, Kinsella and Ethan Genev.

With two laps complete the yellows came out for a spun Rodney Passamani and Marty Kelly, who had come together in turn three to set up another restart.

Again Huntjens would race away with Norman in hot pursuit, but that battle would last just four more laps with Norman suffering a flat tyre and heading infield, bringing his winning streak to an end.

From here Huntjens would lead the next seven circulations untroubled, then, just as the white flag came out, the yellows came on for James Westerman who was circulating with a flat tyre and unable to get off the track.

The next attempt didn�t get very far after Clint Hadley and Ben Norman found themselves in the turn two wall, then the third attempt bought the race under red lights after Ryan Penfold and Rodney Passamani came together, spearing Passamani into the front straight wall then going upside down in a vicious roll. Passamani emerged shaken but unhurt.

The fourth attempt at a finish went much smoother than any of its predecessors, Huntjens holding on and recording a strong win from Warren Oldfield, who threw everything at him in the closing laps as he looked for a way through. Ethan Genev would hold on for third place.

The next event for Street Stocks at Ellenbrook Speedway will be the Christmas in July event on the 23rd of July.

Street Stock Feature – 15 laps: 1. W25 Peter Huntjens, 2. W85 Warren Oldfield, 3. W4 Ethan Genev, 4. W71 Phil Lycholit, 5. W7 Josh Martinelli, 6. W2 Damion Huntjens, 7. W12 Ryan Penfold, 8. W66 Ben Norman, 9. W9 Marty Kelly, 10. W16 Clint Hadley, 11. W75 Carl Pickersgill (14). DNF: W57 Rodney Passamani (13), W318 Freddy Kinsella (12), W28 James Westerman (12), W6 Hayden Norman (7), W21 Anthony Heelan (6). DNS: W45 Shane Wray.

*Article courtesy of Scott Beattie