by | Jun 27, 2023 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Press Release by Speedway Sedans Western Australia.

He may have only led one lap in the entire race, but it was the one that counted as Derby’s Jake Hoath tonight grabbed his first WA Title win in the 2023 Total Safety and Tools SSA Street Stock WA Title at the Port Hedland Speedway Club!

It was a race, and indeed a weekend, full of highs and lows but the forty-lap feature certainly didn’t disappoint.

Former champion Hayden Norman would pace the field, starting on the front row alongside Jace Kempton and grabbing the initial lead as the race went green followed by Kempton and Lenny Bates, who would start out of third.

Collie’s Paul Briggs, who started fifth, was in fourth by lap two but went high, Ben Norman then trying to take the opportunity and looking for a way through. Despite his efforts, it was another former champion in Jack Barnewall who was able to take the opportunity, passing Ben for fifth.

As Wayne Thomson became the first retiree of the race, Barnewall was passed back by Norman for fifth while up the front Hayden was stretching his legs.

The race would come under yellows for the first time with three laps complete as Briggs spun in turn two and went to the rear for the restart.

Hayden would get away on the restart followed by Kempton and Bates, the top two pulling away, Kempton looking for a way past Norman but unable to make a move.

Ben Norman was able to move into third past Bates, with Barnewall

doing the same into fourth a few laps later.

Norman then drew alongside Kempton and on lap nine grabbed second place as they crossed the line.

Kempton fought back and on lap ten was back in second, but again he would go high through turn two and allow Ben back through.

Behind them Barnewall and Jake Hoath were now battling, with sixth placed Bates then clipping the infield and spinning, negating the last lap and seeing Kempton back into second for the restart.

Northern Territory visitor Jack Yates would move into sixth behind Hoath, the top six beginning to pull away from the remainder of the field.

As fifteen laps were complete the top three had closed up, as had fourth to sixth, two distinct battles taking place in close quarters and everyone looking to gain positions but no one actually able to make a move stick.

The yellows would then come on as Kayne Dellar, who had raced into seventh after starting eleventh, spun in turn four setting up another restart with twenty five to go.

Kempton would try a pass on Hayden on the restart but again it wouldn’t come off, the order remaining the same while further back standout youngster Donny Davis moved into eighth after starting eighteenth on lap seventeen.

Norman and Kempton made their own space on the track as the battle for third continued to rage behind them between Ben Norman, Barnewall, Hoath and Yates, while Cody Avins was now coming under pressure from Davis for seventh.

With twenty laps complete the yellow lights came on for a stranded Robert Dunbar, which left eighteen cars at the halfway point for the next restart.

Hayden was able to gap the field this time as the race got back under green lights, the battle still raging behind him.

Lap twenty-two saw Barnewall draw alongside Ben Norman down the back straight and grab third while defending champion Damon Lyall’s campaign was over a lap later as he slowed down the back straight and headed infield.

Back on track Hoath was able to get by Ben Norman for fourth and almost out of nowhere, with eleven to go Hoath made his way past both Barnewall and Kempton to grab second.

Norman was nearly four seconds ahead at this point, leaving Hoath with plenty to do, but he set about quickly closing the gap, down to 2.8 seconds with eight laps to go.

Shortly after the yellows would come back out, this time for a slowing Jack Yates, setting up an eight lap restart with thirteen cars remaining on track.

Hayden went mid track on the restart, Hoath slightly lower, enabling Hoath to draw alongside out of turn four, but still Hayden held the lead, Kempton on their tail as he too looked to claim his first WA Title.

Unfortunately the yellows would come out shortly after as Barnewall made contact with Kempton and spun him around, seeing Barnewall sent to the rear with seven laps remaining.

Norman got away on the restart with Hoath again looking to make the same move out of turn four, again unsuccessful. Behind them was still Kempton while Donny Davis continued his amazing run, moving around Ben Norman to grab fourth down the back straight.

Ben Norman fought back and retook the position, but the lap after Donny would get right back by, with five laps to go the order now Hayden Norman, Hoath, Kempton, Davis and Ben Norman.

Hoath ranged up on the back of Hayden with four to go and again went low through turn four, the duo side by side once again but Hoath still unable to make the move.

By now the top three had split the seam, while further back Ben Norman and Davis were still battling and trading fourth place.

Hoath went under Norman yet again coming out of four and this time he grabbed lead by 0.061 seconds with one to go, but the lap was negated as Davis found himself buried in the turn four wall, his race over and setting up a green, white, chequer run to the finish.

Hoath went straight to the inside of Norman but Norman was able to get away momentarily, Kempton still on the scene and waiting for his opportunity.

Hoath again went low out of four and with one to go the duo was split by just 0.019 seconds with one lap to go, Norman just barely in front.

Hoath would dive through past Norman and down the back straight was clearly in the lead, leading the fortieth and final lap.

Hayden Norman would be second while behind them there was plenty of pressure between Kempton and Ben Norman, the two making contact and Kempton having a half spin, seeing Ben cross the line third and allowing Cody Avins, who was running a consistent race to get past Kempton and claim fourth, Kempton settling for fifth.

Kayne Dellar raced back into sixth place by the end, with Jamie Goodwin, who started twenty first, finishing seventh, followed by Dylan Curley (started twenty second and finished eighth), Jack Barnewall, Stevie O’Dowd, Shay Roberts and Paul Briggs.

A big thankyou to the Port Hedland club for all their efforts in hosting this title and we look forward to doing it all over again in 2024 for our SSWA Titles!


1. W29 Jake Hoath, 2. WA6 Hayden Norman, 3. W66 Ben Norman, 4. W31 Cody Avins, 5. W55 Jace Kempton, 6. WA9 Kayne Dellar, 7. W616 Jamie Goodwin, 8. W4 Dylan Curley, 9. WA16 Jack Barnewall, 10. W19 Stevie O’Dowd, 11. W52 Shay Roberts, 12. W12 Paul Briggs. DNF: W3 Donny Davis (38), NT15 Jack Yates (32), WA4 Ethan Genev (30), W24 Jake Williams (25), WA1 Damon Lyall (23), W94 Robert Dunbar (23), W74 Lenny Bates (18), W11 Matthew Iwanow (17), W39 Zane Humphrys (9), WA15 Wayne Thomson (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.489. Fastest Lap: 22.813 W55 Jace Kempton.