by | Jun 30, 2024 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Official Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Western Australia.

In yet another epic in Karratha, Derby’s Jake Hoath completed the double tonight, winning both the ODH Tyres – Goodyear Karratha Brett Johnson Memorial and also coming from 96 points down to take the Odh Mechanical North/South Series crown at the Nickol Bay Speedway

The timesheets will say that Hoath won from the pole, leading all but one lap in the process, but the story will tell a lot more about what went down in the 30-lap finale.

The first sign of heartbreak would come before the race started when Josh Ellis could not get the car fired up during the four-wide salute leaving us with only 23 starters.

But it would not stop there as this time it was then series leader Cody Avins when he slowed on lap two and pulled infield, for him the next 28 laps would be a nail-biter as he had to wait and see how the rest of the event panned out.

The biggest mishap of the night would also happen during the feature when Stevie O’Dowd, Daniel Flavel and Ethan Genev would all get together in turn four. All three would retire.

Jamie Oldfield and Matt Hammond would start their charge through the field, both getting into third and fourth as they chased down Hoath and Donny Davis.

Hoath would get one big hurry up with nine to go when Davis was able to sneak by and pass for the lead, but it would be the lone lap not led by Hoath as he would fight back on the inside to retake the lead.

Davis would let it all hang out as the white flag flew, but it was to his detriment, Oldfield would sneak onto the inside to get into second place and leave one last challenge for the race victory, but it was all about Hoath this weekend.

This would be Hoath third round win in the ODH Mechanical North/South Shootout and has now put his name on the Honourboard as an overall champion in the series, joining Oldfield, Damon Lyall and Hayden Norman.


A Main, 30 Laps: 1. W29 Jake Hoath, 2. W0 Jamie Oldfield, 3. W3 Donny Davis, 4. W4 Matt Hammond, 5. W96 Jack McAuley, 6. W74 Lenny Bates, 7. W10 Damon Thomson, 8. W94 Robert Dunbar, 9. W15 Wayne Thomson, 10. W44 Peter Herbert, 11. W52 Paul Bowman, 12. W16 Aaron Doust. DNF: W35 Craig Clayton (26), W42 Tyde Lovell (25), W52 Shay Roberts (22), W6 Hayden Norman (21), WX15 Daniel Flavel (13), W4 Ethan Genev (13), W19 Stevie O’Dowd (13), W15 Adam Power (3), W31 Cody Avins (2), W23 Matt Lowe (2), W27 Damon Lyall (1). DNS: W222 Josh Ellis. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.226. Fastest Lap: 20.902 W0 Jamie Oldfield.


Round One: Collie Speedway – March 23 (Coalminer 52) Winner: Matt Hammond

Round Two: Moora Speedway – April 26 & 27 (SSA Street Stock WA Title) Winner: Jamie Oldfield

Round Three: IFuels Carnarvon Speedway – June 1 & 2 (North West Championship and Westralia Cup) Winner: Damon Lyall

Round Four: Nickol Bay Speedway, Karratha – June 28 & 29 (Brett Johnson Memorial) Winner: Jake Hoath


2021: Jamie Oldfield

2022: Damon Lyall

2023: Hayden Norman

2024: Jake Hoath