by | Apr 7, 2024 | SSA Junior Sedans, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Western Australia.

Tonight at the Hillview Speedway in Newman, history was made in so many ways, an epic feature race for the SSA Junior Sedan WA Title with five lead changes that ended with Jake Leaman going back to back as champion for what was just the third time in modern history.

Leaman was solid all weekend, but with such a quality field of cars around him and a little bit of luck that didn’t initially go his way, Leaman would only qualify out of position ten for the twenty five lap feature, and be forced to work his way forward in a race that saw a strong front row consisting of Jett Downs, who went through the heat races undefeated, and Jake Fisher, who nabbed a heat win in the final round to qualify onto the front.

Earlier the two B Main’s to determine the final qualifiers took a while to get underway, a pileup coming out of turn two on the first lap of the first saw Wyatt van der Mey precariously balanced in the air, however only Kai Leeson was unable to restart. Just one lap would be complete when the red lights came on, this time for Luke Martin and Chloe Munro who both rolled in turn two, Haylee Strelley and Lara Edwards weekend also coming to an end in the crash. In the end Luke Roberts, Baxter Trouchet and Kayde Anthony would qualify in a marathon race that saw more DNF’s than finishers, while the second B Main was slightly less eventful, with Vince Lindsay qualifying ahead of Joel Bowman and Sophie Goodwin.

The feature race got underway with Downs and Fisher in a drag race to the first corner, but plenty of cars would bounce off each other, the result being Joel Bowman spinning in turn one and Sam Mills down the back straight, the yellows out and a complete restart ordered with only Kayde Anthony unable to rejoin after his radiator was damaged in the contact.

Downs was clear into the lead on the second attempt at a start as cars went four wide behind him for second, Archie Root using the lowline to dive under and grab the lead for the opening lap after starting in position seven.

Root had a half lose coming out of turn two which allowed Fisher to move around the outside and into the lead, New South Welshman Jackson Gordon also following him through for second as Root settled into third ahead of Downs.

To complete lap three Fisher and Gordon were side by side, separated by 0.090 seconds, the duo pulling away slightly from the remaining competitors. Gordon grabbed the lead to complete lap four as Jackson Goodwin now moved into fourth behind Root.

Fisher drew alongside Gordon on lap six and grabbed the lead, while shortly after the yellows came on as Harrison Beres came to a stop in turn four.

Fisher led away the restart, but Gordon quickly drew back alongside, the pair just 0.084 seconds apart as the lap was only just completed before a couple of cars came together, Oscar Amato and Locky Comley coming out the worst of it but only Amato unable to restart after running in seventh place.

Gordon would again apply the blowtorch to Fisher on the restart but was unable to make the pass stick, the order now Fisher, Gordon, Jett Downs, and defending champion Jake Leaman who had raced from position ten.

Lap ten saw Gordon take the lead once again, with Downs now alongside Fisher for second, just 0.014 seconds between them, Fisher then losing some ground through turn three and Leaman pouncing to take third on lap eleven.

Fisher retook third a lap later, while up front Downs had bounced back and was on Gordon’s tail looking for a way through.

Downs and Gordon made contact coming out of turn two on lap fifteen and this allowed Fisher to move around the outside, but again Gordon fought back and retook the lead, Leaman now involved and cars three wide for second across the line to complete lap sixteen.

Shortly after, the yellows came on as Locky Comley spun infield, Sam Mills also involved, setting up another restart with nine laps remaining. A few cars would slow on that attempt at a green light, so the race was called back once again, Gordon leading away Leaman, Fisher, Downs and Goodwin who were separated by just portions of a second on the previous completed lap.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened on the next restart, seeing the yellows out again as a number of cars came together down the front straight.

Gordon struggled on the next start and Leaman went around the outside to take the lead, before Gordon went high and Downs went low, three wide across the line for the lead with Gordon just in front.

With five to go Gordon had managed to break away slightly, Leaman chasing hard while Downs was holding off Fisher and Goodwin in a tight battle for third.

Fisher made the pass stick on lap twenty-two, and just as cars came to complete lap twenty-three, Joel Bowman and Locky Comley came together in turn four to bring out the yellows once again, Sophie Goodwin also getting involved.

Unfortunately, Goodwin would attempt to restart but she couldn’t get off the line properly as the race went green, seeing the cars called back for another restart with just three laps remaining and Goodwin retiring infield.

Gordon again led away on the next attempt, Leaman and Fisher right behind as this time Gordon didn’t quite get away as he had done previously, coming under pressure from the duo just behind him.

With one to go, Gordon was still leading, but Leaman and Fisher were right there, Leaman in particular looking ominous as Gordon went low through turn two and Leaman high, the duo almost side by side.

Gordon however held strong, crossing the line ahead of Leaman, Fisher, Downs and Goodwin in what was an epic race. Unfortunately at the conclusion of the event, the Gordon machine was unable to meet the technical specifications of the Junior Sedan class and was disqualified, seeing Leaman go back to back as champion, officially defeating Fisher, Downs, Goodwin and Mitch Binning.

Congratulations to all competitors who put on a great show all weekend, the Hillview Club who were incredibly accommodating throughout the entire event and all those who helped to make the whole event a great success.

A Main, 25 laps: 1. W89 Jett Downs, 2. WA12 Jake Fisher, 3. W56 Noah Bain, 4. W10 Mitch Binning, 5. N51 Jackson Gordon, 6. W606 Jackson Goodwin, 7. W23 Archie Root, 8. W95 Harrison Riegert, 9. W81 Oscar Amato, 10. W70 Jake Leaman, 11. WA18 Harrison Beres, 12. W71 Sam Mills, 13. W15 Luke Bailey, 14. W74 Locky Comley, 15. WA88 Jacob Hill, 16. W2 Max Lang, 17. W38 Luke Roberts, 18. W40 Vince Lindsay, 19. W34 Baxter Trouchet, 20. W52 Joel Bowman, 21. WA10 Kayde Anthony, 22. W666 Sophie Goodwin.


1. W70 Jake Leaman, 2. WA12 Jake Fisher, 3. W89 Jett Downs, 4. W606 Jackson Goodwin, 5. W10 Mitch Binning, 6. W15 Luke Bailey, 7. W40 Vince Lindsay, 8. W23 Archie Root, 9. W74 Locky Comley, 10. W34 Baxter Trouchet, 11. W2 Max Lang, 12. W56 Noah Bain, 13. W52 Joel Bowman, 14. WA18 Harrison Beres. DNF: W666 Sophie Goodwin (22), W38 Luke Roberts (22), W71 Sam Mills (16), WA88 Jacob Hill (16), W95 Harrison Riegert (14), W81 Oscar Amato (7), WA10 Kayde Anthony (0). DQ: N51 Jackson Gordon. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.299. Fastest Lap: 22.614 N51 Jackson Gordon.