by | Feb 21, 2022 | SSA Super Sedans, WA

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Western Australia, Image by Jason’s Digital Racing Photos

In a marathon night at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway, Gary Higgs creates history in the 2022 SSA Super Sedan Western Australian State Title by becoming the first driver in Super Sedans to win three State Titles in a row.

Higgs would take the win from Tristan Green and Kevin Bell.Higgs, who started on pole for the 40-Lap Main Event, had to settle for second place during the opening stages of the event as fellow front-row counterpart Tristan Green took the early race lead.

The race would only be green for three laps as Steve Schofield went to the infield with a flat right-front tyre and pulled to the infield.

During the yellow light stoppage, Lee Aylett’s Title chances would come to a halt as his car would not come to a stop on the front straight and not be able to refire.

Green would lead Higgs and Kemble Aylett back to green as the top two would set themselves apart from the rest of the field.As the pair raced through lapped competitors, the race would change for Tristan Green, as Nathan Thiele would become his kryptonite.

Green would try desperately to get past the slower Thiele, but with Higgs, right behind him, Green would push the outside line.

The choice would see Higgs take the lead commandingly and Green fighting Kemble Aylett for second place.

Aylett would spin while chasing Green on lap-24 for the runner-up position, but now with only five cars on the lead lap.

His fall from grace would not be so drastic.The lap twenty four would become a calamity for the lapped competitors, with five drivers all spinning on turn one and Dean Trotter coping the worst of the damage, bringing an end to his night.

Higgs would get out to a 7-second lead during the next green flag run, as Aylett would get past Green with Kevin Bell up to fourth place until the yellows would come out again with eight laps to go when Steve Larson hit the concrete wall hard along the front straight while running in fifth.

The following eight laps were married in dramas, as Terry Green would hit the wall with three laps to go.

There would only be one more lap completed under green until the yellows would come on again, this time for second running Aylett slowing, leaving Green nowhere to go. Green would be able to resume while Aylett would go to the infield.

With green, white chequer finish on hand, Higgs would charge away and be in sight of the checked flag, for it only to be taken away as the yellow come out again for Ryan Huxtable and Nathan Thiele, who would spin while in fifth and six.

It would still not slow history-making Higgs, who, after years of trying to win his first State Championship, now has three in a row to his name.


A Main, 40 Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W6 Tristan Green, 3. W5 Kevin Bell, 4. W96 Steve Larson, 5. W25 Nathan Thiele (38), 6. W23 Ryan Huxtable (38), DNF: W9 Kemble Aylett (38), W76 Terry Green (36), W78 Dean Trotter (24), W10 Kyle Larson (18), W4 Lee Aylett (3), W22 Steve Schofield (3), DNS: W91 Darren Larson, W92 Warren Hambley, W88 Adyme Harvey, W36 Phil Barton, W68 Rob Knox.