by | Mar 26, 2023 | SSA Super Sedans, WA

Press Release by Speedway Sedans Western Australia.

Dustin Higgs has won an emotionally charged SSA Super Sedan WA State Title last night at the Bunbury Speedway.

Higgs, who started on the third row, would get by early race leader Rob Knox and would be never headed in an epic, defeated Tristan Green and Ajay Hammer.

All 21 cars which entered the title would start the 40-lap main event led by Knox and Green to the green flag, which was moved up the program due to the ongoing threat of rain in the area all day.

The race would only last just half a lap until the yellows were brought on, with Stephen Larson spinning on the back straight to bring on the yellows.

Dustin’s father, Gary would sadly see his record-breaking fourth title crown deflate when a flat left rear tyre sidelined him after the opening lap.

Knox looked to be the man to beat all day, winning two of his heat races and opening up a big gap, but Dustin would slowly start to pick them off, first a fast-starting Kyle Larson who went from tenth to third in the opening laps, then Green who was being left to settle for third when Higgs got by on lap eight.

With Knox struggling with early lapped traffic, Higgs was able to cut the five-second margin back to a race lead by lap thirteen as Knox was starting to struggle with the slick conditions.

Ajay Hammer, who won over Bunbury after winning the final heat of the night on the line, found herself in a battle for fifth between six other cars that included Super Sedan heavy hitters Lee Aylett, Brent Vosbergen, Kevin Bell, Phil Barton, Warren Minshull and Keith Higgs.

Using a well-executed restart, Knox would get back to the high line to retake the lead over Higgs, with Green getting passed the younger Higgs.

This was only until Higgs found his rhythm again, making sure the bottom line was his as he got back by Green and ran side-by-side with Knox until with twelve to go when his right rear started to go off.

Cars started to drop like fives at the 40-lap enduro started to take its toll, with Vosbergen, Lee Aylett and Steve Schofield joining a long list of drivers on the infield with a handful of laps to go.

Kemble Aylett flew up to fourth, whose car started to come on very late and started to battle Hammer for third. But Hammer would fight back and, on the last lap, got into second as Tristan Green would try the outside of Higgs and get crossed up, but it would be all brought back as Kevin Bell stopped on the front straight.

The green-white-checkered finish would be very anticlimactic as Higgs would break away right on the restart to the roar of an impressive crowd in Bunbury to ensure the Higgs family won its fourth title in a row.


A Main, 40 Laps-1. W18 Dustin Higgs, 2. W6 Tristan Green, 3. W46 Ajay Hammer, 4. W9 Kemble Aylett, 5. W25 Nathan Thiele, 6. W4 Lee Aylett, 7. W13 Andrew Kennedy (39). DNF: W5 Kevin Bell (38), W68 Rob Knox (36), W7 Warren Minshull (34), W10 Kyle Larson (34), W22 Steve Schofield (33), 4B Brent Vosbergen (32), W80 Bryce Fisher (23), W85 Keith Higgs (16), W36 Phil Barton (16), W23 Ryan Huxtable (16), W96 Steve Larson (10), W17 Lukas Lampert (4), WA1 Gary Higgs (1), W76 Terry Green (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.299. Fastest Lap: 18.329 W18 Dustin Higgs.