by | Dec 20, 2020 | SSA Super Sedans, WA

Images by Peter Roebuck

Western Australian Super Sedan Champion Gary “Dusty” Higgs has cruised to victory during round two of the 2020/2021 WA Super Sedan Summer Series held last night at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway.

Higgs was an unstoppable force all night aboard his Marri Park Tavern Sweet as he won his two qualifying heat races and lead every lap of the main event.

A bumper crowd was on hand at the Coalfields venue for the annual Pre-Christmas visit of the WA Super Sedan Summer Series.

Kyle Larson was the only other driver on the night to claim a heat race victory aboard his unique Predator Chassis with Busselton’s Kevin Bell consistent throughout proceedings.

Higgs would share the front row with Larson for the main event as the State Champion set about opening up a handy lead to the rest of the field.

Larson’s race would be over on lap four as he headed infield from second place as Bell, Rob Knox and the Aylett’s Kemble & Lee staged a great battle for the minor placings.

Lap fourteen would see the only stoppage of the race as Rob Knox spun exiting turn two in his Southern Haulage Rocket.

Higgs was untroubled after the restart cruising away in the final six circulations to a over two second victory from Bell and Lee Aylett who moved into third place by race end.

Round Three of the 2020/2021 WA Super Sedan Summer Series will be held at the Mount Barker Speedway on Saturday 2nd January 2021.

Official Results

Heat One, 8 Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W10 Kyle Larson, 3. W9 Kemble Aylett, 4. W4 Lee Aylett. DNF: W68 Rob Knox (7), W55 Nathan Bell (0). Total Time: 2.33.024. Winning Margin: 4.304. Fastest Lap: 18.552 W4 Lee Aylett.

Heat Two, 8 Laps-1. W10 Kyle Larson, 2. W5 Kevin Bell, 3. W68 Rob Knox, 4. W91 Darren Larson, 5. W85 Matthew McMahon (7). DNF: W4 Lee Aylett (3). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.851. Fastest Lap: 19.143 W5 Kevin Bell.

Heat Three, 8 Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W9 Kemble Aylett, 3. W5 Kevin Bell 4. W85 Matthew McMahon, 5. W91 Darren Larson, 6. W55 Nathan Bell. Total Time: 2.32.387. Winning Margin: 4.326. Fastest Lap: 18.774 W1 Gary Higgs.

Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. W1 Gary Higgs, 2. W5 Kevin Bell, 3. W4 Lee Aylett, 4. W9 Kemble Aylett, 5. W68 Rob Knox, 6. W91 Darren Larson, 7. W55 Nathan Bell (19), 8. W85 Matthew McMahon (19). DNF: W10 Kyle Larson (4). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.462. Fastest Lap: 18.627 W1 Gary Higgs