Herbert Takes Street Stock Classic

by | Mar 24, 2018 | Latest News, Results


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Peter Herbert has won the Street Stock classic on Saturday night, at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway, on a wet and gloomy evening at the Coalfields venue.

The traditional forty lap finale to the Collie season would see Jamie Oldfield and Evan Wakefield start on the front row, while Ethan Genev and Peter Herbert would start on row two.

It would be Evan Wakefield who would get the best of the start, leading Oldfield and Herbert through the first five laps, before the Kalgoorlie based driver retired. When Wakefield made the infield he would already find a host of retirees including Paul Joss, Ethan Genev and Brodie Dunn.

Jamie Oldfield inherited the lead, and looked in devastating touch, setting quick lap after quick lap, after earlier in the night breaking the eight lap track record. Peter Herbert and Cody Avins gave great chase, as Oldfield opened a handy gap on the opposition.

Not for the first time when in a commanding position in a big event, Oldfield would succumb with a flat tyre on lap twenty five, which put Herbert into the lead.

Phil Lycholit who started from the fourth row, started to make his move and found himself in second place with fourteen laps remaining, but was giving Herbert a big start.

The race of the event was for fourth place, with Josh Davies, Marty Kelly and Luke Fraser swapping positions throughout the final stanza, with the trio separated by 0.592 after forty laps. The three were the best part of a lap behind Herbert though, who held off Lycholit while Cody Avins would race the last twelve laps by himself, finishing nearly half a lap behind Herbert.

For Herbert, it would be his fifth Feature race of the season.

Earlier, the heat races were hotly contested, featuring some brilliant finishes. Marty Kelly won the opening heat by 0.146 over Evan Wakefield and Jamie Oldfield. Josh Davies would win heat two by 0.385 before Jamie Oldfield won heat three. Peter Herbert would lead all the way in heat four, before Ethan Genev won heat five. The final heat of the night was clearly the best, with Brodie Dunn and Jamie Oldfield running the last two laps side by side, with Oldfield getting up on the line by a mere 0.069.

Focus will now turn to the West Australian Title to be held in Carnarvon in a months time.

Feature, 40 laps: 1. W0 Jamie Oldfield, 2. W21 Evan Wakefield, 3. W4 Ethan Genev, 4. W144 Peter Herbert, 5. W43 Josh Davies, 6. W9 Marty Kelly, 7. W69 Paul Joss, 8. W00 Hamish Macalpine, 9. W10 Damon Thomson, 10. W31 Cody Avins, 11. W44 Brodie Dunn, 12. W16 Colin Metcalfe, 13. W199 Phil Lycholit, 14. W3 Luke Fraser, 15. W15 Wayne Thomson, 16. W66 Ben Norman, 17. W38 Trevor Dace, 18. W20 Brad Hayes, 19. W77 Daniel Sutton, 20. W41 Tahi Andrews, 21. W32 Ben Ferris.
1. W144 Peter Herbert, 2. W199 Phil Lycholit, 3. W31 Cody Avins, 4. W43 Josh Davies, 5. W3 Luke Fraser, 6. W9 Marty Kelly, 7. W16 Colin Metcalfe (39), 8. W38 Trevor Dace (39). DNF: W0 Jamie Oldfield (25), W41 Tahi Andrews (22), W20 Brad Hayes (21), W77 Daniel Sutton (16), W21 Evan Wakefield (7), W66 Ben Norman (5), W44 Brodie Dunn (1), W4 Ethan Genev (0), W69 Paul Joss (0). DNS: W00 Hamish Macalpine, W10 Damon Thomson, W15 Wayne Thomson, W32 Ben Ferris. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.819. Fastest Lap: 20.876 W0 Jamie Oldfield.

Photo: Peter Herbert is action, courtesy of Fastlane Photography