Herbert Claims First Title

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Brad Herbert has continued his domination of the Modified Sedan category in Tasmania, by winning his maiden Tasmanian Title last Saturday night.

The result of the race was not officially known for several days, after post-race scrutineering threw up several challenges for officials.

After four qualifying heats, Brad Herbert and Nathan Russell would start on the front row for the thirty lap decider, with Barry Youl and Jake Taurian on row two, both former winners of the event.

Herbert got a great start and would lead Nathan Russell and Jake Taurian through the early laps, while Andy Russell and Craig Williams, the defending Champion had a tremendous battle going for the minor placing. The duo would catch Taurian, who would then spin, causing the one and only stoppage in the event.

After the subsequent restart, placings remained stagnant, with Herbert opening a commanding lead. This lead would stretch out over 3.50 seconds, as Craig Williams made his way into second place with twelve laps remaining, demoting Andy Russell to third and Nathan Russell to fourth.

The large lead the Herbert had, was eroded lap after lap by Williams, but Herbert would hold on to win by two car lengths after thirty grueling laps. Andy Russell would finish a close third while Nathan Russell would be fourth across the line. After post race checks, Nathan Russell was disqualified elevating Brad McKendrick to fourth and Marco Taurian to fifth.

Former Champion, Luke Gunn, was the only driver who started the race, not to finish it.

:: Tasmanian Modified Sedan Title

Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. T5 Brad Herbert, 2. T1 Craig Williams, 3. T72 Marco Taurian, 4. T26 Andy Russell, 5. T28 Nathan Russell, 6. T22 Luke Gunn, 7. T63 Brad McKendrick, 8. T27 Joshua Marston, 9. T21 Joshua Stephens, 10. T37 Luke Williams (7 laps), 11. T46 Trent Quillerat (3), 12. T64 Adrian Jones. Time: 3.38.297, Winning Margin: 0.569, Fastest Lap: 20.165 T26 Andy Russell

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. T7 Keith Blair, 2. T28 Nathan Russell, 3. T32 Jake Taurian, 4. T26 Andy Russell, 5. T1 Craig Williams, 6. T5 Brad Herbert, 7. T4 Barry Youl, 8. T22 Luke Gunn, 9. T27 Joshua Marston (5 laps). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.712, Fastest Lap: 17.914 T1 Craig Williams

Heat3, 10 Laps: 1. T4 Barry Youl, 2. T28 Nathan Russell, 3. T5 Brad Herbert, 4. T21 Joshua Stephens, 5. T26 Andy Russell, 6. T63 Brad McKendrick, 7. T72 Marco Taurian, 8. T27 Josh Marston (4 laps), 9. T32 Jake Taurian (4), 10. T7 Keith Blair (1). Time: 2.55.987, Winning Margin: 0.234. Fastest Lap: 16.912 T26 Andy Russell

Heat 4, 10 Laps: 1. T63 Brad McKendrick, 2. T32 Jake Taurian, 3. T4 Barry Youl, 4. T72 Marco Taurian, 5. T1 Craig Williams, 6. T22 Luke Gunn, 7. T21 Joshua Stephens, 8. T64 Adrian Jones (8 laps), 9. T46 Trent Quiilerat (2). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 17.523 T63 Brad McKendrick

A Main, 30 Laps: 1. T5 Brad Herbert, 2. T1 Craig Williams, 3. T26 Andy Russell, 4. T63 Brad McKendrick, 5. T72 Marco Taurian, 6. T32 Jake Taurian, 7. T4 Barry Youl, 8. T21 Joshua Stephens, 9. T22 Luke Gunn (16). DISQ: T28 Nathan Russell (30). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.696, Fastest Lap: 16.876 T5 Brad Herbert

Brad Herbert wins his first Modified Sedan Title. Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography