by | Mar 19, 2023 | SSA Modified Sedans, TAS

Official Release- Sunday 19th March 2023.

Brad Herbert has claimed victory in a dramatic SSA Modified Sedan Tasmanian State Title held last night at the Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway in Latrobe.

Herbert would cross the line in second place at the end of the thirty lap A Main behind defending champion Jakobe Jetson, with Jetson relegated two positions post-race after a bruising battle the pair.

Five Tasmanian Champion Andy Russell aboard his very popular Ford Cortina and Brad Herbert would share the front row for the decider.

Russell lead the early laps as he held of a great battle pack which included Herbert, Trent Quillerat, Wade Cleary and defending champion Jakobe Jetson.

Cleary’s race was over on lap thirteen as Herbert assumed the lead from Russell as Jetson continued to work the highline in his Adam Holt Industries Ford Falcon.

Russell’s chances of victory faded in the final laps as he spun to the infield on the exit of turn four falling back to fifth place momentarily.

With three laps remaining Jetson would make his move to take the lead from Herbert with the pair making contact as Jetson got the nose in front.

Jetson would sneak away in the final circulations, to cross the line 1.8 seconds clear of Herbert with Russell recovering to finish third after working his way back past Quillerat and Harry Auton.

Jetson’s celebrations were short lived as Brad Herbert was awarded victory with Andy Russell officially second from a disappointed Jakobe Jetson third.

Just Nine cars completed the thirty lap finale with Brad Herbert claiming his second victory in the SSA Modified Sedan Tasmanian State Title after winning for the first time in 2018 at Carrick, with Russell’s runner up result his ninth podium finish in the event.

Speedway Sedans Tasmania have now completed their four State Titles for the 2022/2023 season with Modified Sedan racing on the Apple Isle looking forward to next season which will see the SSA National Modified Sedan Title be held in Tasmania for the first time since 2015.

Official Result of the 2023 SSA Modified Sedan Tasmanian State Title

A Main, 30 Laps- 1. T5 Brad Herbert, 2. T26 Andy Russell, 3. T1 Jakobe Jetson, 4. T46 Trent Quillerat, 5. T29 Harry Auton, 6. T2 Marco Taurian, 7. T27 Joshua Marston, 8. T77 Scott Walters, 9. T36 Timmy McCulloch, DNF T43 Trent Austin (26), T8 Wade Cleary (13), T30 Bradley Currant (1).