by | Apr 25, 2022 | QLD, SSA Production Sedans

Image by 44 Photography

Queensland Production Sedan Champion Daniel Henshaw has bounced back from a disappointing weekend at the SSA National Production Sedan Title to claim victory in the 2022 Production Sedan Stampede last night at the Kingaroy Speedway.

Two Time National Champion Stephen Laidlaw and the highest point scorer from night one Jack Kay shared the front row for the thirty finale to a massive Anzac weekend of Speedway Sedan racing.

Once the green flag fell the likes of Chris Pagel, Joel Berkley, Richard Cook and Matthew Layton from Northern New South Wales swamped the front row as the Production Sedans used every inch of the Kingaroy Speedway.

Pagel would take over the front running in the early laps before the first stoppage saw Sarah Franz racing the wrong way at the start finish line.

2019 National Champion Joel Berkley worked his way into second place early on from Henshaw, Layton & Laidlaw.

Jack Kay found the concrete bringing about another stoppage early in the event.

When the race resumed the battle for the lead was worth the price of admission alone as Pagel, Henshaw and Berkley raced three wide around the showgrounds.

Henshaw soon took control of the race putting a gap between himself and Berkley as Pagel began to be pressured for third by National Champion Matt Smith who was racing the Embrey Racing Ford Falcon for the weekend.

Smith’s run came to an end on lap twenty two as he himself to the infield as Henshaw had to survive another restart this time for debris in turn three.

It was the Queensland Champion’s night as he controlled the final laps to take victory by nearly two seconds from Matthew Layton who found a way past Berkley in the final laps.

The Holden Commodores of Chris Pagel & Stephen Laidlaw rounded out the top five as just eleven cars finished on the lead lap.

Preparations are already underway for the 2023 Production Sedan Stampede by the hard working team at the South Burnett Speedway Club.

Official Result of the 2022 Production Sedan Stampede

A Main, 30 Laps- 1. G10 Daniel Henshaw, 2. N81 Matthew Layton, 3. SB9 Joel Berkley, 4. G2 Chris Pagel, 5. V30 Stephen Laidlaw, 6. RK18 DJ Lennon, 7. G6 Rick Hazelgrove, 8. N11 Josh Boyd, 9. SB148 Brett Barron, 10. RK46 Kory Jennings, 11. G71 Steven Spence, 12. SB26 Nic Bleys (29), DNF GL15 Richard Cook (27), G48 Hayden Turner (25), GL5 Dakota Laverty (24), SB4 Trent Gosley (23), BB26 Matt Smith (22), B46 Michael Mason (17), SC36 Sarah Franz (11), SC99 Levi O’Brien (11), SB2 Simon Walker (5), BB30 Brad Scherer (5), C99 Jack Kay (4), M63 Rory Evans (4).