by | Apr 2, 2022 | WA

Images Courtesy of Super Sedans WA

Adyme Harvey in his W88 Insane Chassis has taken the series finale for the 2021/2022 WA Super Sedan Summer Series held yesterday afternoon at the Mount Barker Speedway in the great southern region of Western Australia.

Harvey lead all twenty laps of the main event defeating Lee Aylett & Western Australian Champion Gary Higgs.Seventeen Super Sedans were on hand for the final round of the WA Super Sedan Summer Series with racing held in warm humid conditions at the daytime venue.

As Harvey controlled the race a fierce battle erupted for the minors between Rob Knox, Gary Higgs & Lee Aylett.

Super Sedan rookie Bryce Fisher unfortunately found the concrete wall on the main straight on lap six forcing a lengthy stoppage as Harvey lead away at the restart.

Higgs was the first to move into second past Knox as the leader got out to a handy lead which began to shrink in the concluding stages.

Lap traffic became a factor as the laps wound down with Lee Aylett making a big move around the outside of Higgs to snatch second.

Aylett tried in vein to work his way around Harvey but the veteran driver was equal to the challenge to hold on to score his first victory in his recently acquired Insane.

Third generation pilot Lee Aylett was second from Gary Higgs, Rob Knox and Kemble Aylett rounding out the top five in the W9 Sweet.

Super Sedan drivers in the West will now turn their attention to 2nd annual Bert Vosbergen Memorial to be held at Albany’s Attwell Park Speedway at Easter.

Official Result of Round Six of the 2021/2022 WA Super Sedan Summer Series.A Main, 20 Laps- 1. W88 Adyme Harvey, 2. W4 Lee Aylett, 3. W1 Gary Higgs, 4. W68 Rob Knox, 5. W9 Kemble Aylett, 6. W10 Kyle Larson, 7. W85 Dustin Higgs, 8. W25 Nathan Thiele, 9. W63 Tony St Jack, 10. W53 Ryan Gunson, 11. W46 Ajay Hammer, 12. W96 Steve Larson (19), 13. W91 Darren Larson (19), DNF W19 Bryce Fisher (6), W5 Kevin Bell (6), W23 Ryan Huxtable (6), DNS W71 Adam Campbell.