by | Jul 10, 2022 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Image by Jon Gall Photography.

Western Australian Modified Sedan stalwart Adam Houston has claimed a popular victory in the Modified Sedan class at the 35th Annual Far Western Championships which was held at the Oakley Earthworks Shark Bay Speedway yesterday in Western Australia.

Houston lead all fifteen laps after qualifying on pole position for the main event in his Picton Automotive Ford Falcon.

Carnarvon’s Jarrod Rick pressured Houston throughout the race before succumbing to a flat right rear tyre with just two laps remaining.

Brenden Higgs inherited second place from Rick with Carnarvon veteran Kim Jolly rounding out the podium.

An appreciative crowd gave Houston a deserving cheer for his victory with the popular South West based racer having contested the Far Western Championships for well over a decade with his first victory in the event a pleasing moment in his racing career.

Official Result

SSA Modified Sedan A Main, 15 Laps- 1. W8 Adam Houston, 2. W48 Brenden Higgs, 3. W15 Kim Jolly, 4. W111 Glenn Harper, 5. W18 David Harrower, 6. W13 Jimmy McGiveron, 7. W3 Shane Dubberlin (14). DNF: W47 Jarrod Rick (13). DNS: W11 Ashley Baker, W67 Michael Ricetti. Total Time: 4.38.746. Winning Margin: 1.456. Fastest Lap: 18.064 W48 Brenden Higgs.