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Image by Fastlane Photography, Press Release by the South West Sedan Championship

Everything tonight went right for Michael Hamon as he was able to secure his first Ivix Industries South West Sedan Championship Grand Championship with victory at the Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway last night.

Hamon may have looked on the back foot earlier on in the night, but after a Did Not Finish from rival Kyle Sayer in his opening heat put Hamon in the best position to pounce.

Starting in position four for the Street Stock Feature race, Hamon made light work of his counterparts in front of him by being able to hit the lead before the opening lap ended and was never challenged through the 20-lap affair.

The race was entertaining for the minor places with a four-way battle enduring the entire distance for second place but in the end, it was Collie’s Phil Lyicolit who got the better of Damon Thomson and Jack Favero.

Even with having a feature he would rather forget after being sent to the tail of the field, Manjimup’s David Fall still did enough over the series to hold on to second place ahead of Thomson.

After not finishing his opening heat, the night did not get ant easier for Kyle Sayer who had to start deep in the field and was not match for Matt Noakes who was the class of the field in the Production Sedans, leading from start to finish on the front row.

Sayer worked tirelessly over the feature but had to settle for third place after an epic battle with Kane McDiarmid throughout the second half of the race.

Luckily for Sayer he was still able to clinch the win in the Division after Rickie Nuccini succumb to mechanical dramas early in the night, who had to surrender the runner up in the series to Jason Batchelor.

South coaster’s Hope Batchelor and Riley Hanson enjoyed a night long battle as the pair shared the wins over the heat races, but it was Hanson who would out muscle Batchelor in the later stages in the race, with fellow Albany resident Harrison Beres rounding out the podium.

With the win, Hanson was able to do enough to take victory for the Junior Sedans over Batchelor and Brandon Buszan.

Full points will be released in the coming days.

Official Results

Top Star Junior Sedans Feature Race – 10 Laps: 1. W87 Riley Hanson, 2. W23 Hope Batchelor, 3. W18 Harrison Beres, 4. W40 Vince Lindsay, 5. W25 Alyvia Ferraro, 6. W33 Tehila Bosley

New Star Junior Sedans Feature Race – 10 Laps: 1. W63 Fletcher Milentis, 2. W17 Levi Crowe, 3. W81 Oscar Amato, 4. W8 David Hough, 5. W5 Jesse Hamon, 6. W3 Josh Wardley, 7. W211 Jimahli Nunn Mohammed-Dom, 8. W88 Hudson Gallegos, DNS: W70 Jake Leeman

SSA Production Sedans Feature Race – 20 Laps: 1. W20 Matt Noakes, 2. W31 Kane McDiarmid, 3. W95 Kyle Sayer, 4. W71 Ayden Trewern, 5. W40 Beau Riley, 6. W14 Mitch Killeen, 7. W4 Clint Theyer, 8. W84 Jamie Higgs, 9. W27 Rachel Spalding, 10. W8 Brendan Higgs, 11. W26 Robbie Trenaman, 12. W97 Lachlan Eason, 13. W46 Jason Batchelor, 14. W142 Nathan Carter, 15. W57 Kelsey Beard, 16. W7 Jason Higgs, DNS: W41 Rickie Nuccini, W15 Matt Jones, W86 Wayne Leviston

SSA Street Stock Feature Race – 20 Laps: 1. W7 Michael Hamon, 2. W199 Phil Lycolit, 3. W0 Damon Thomson, 4. W118 Jack Favero, 5. W110 David Fall, 6. W6 Clint Hadley, 7. W18 Daniel Stanley, 8. W81 Damien Amato, 9. W101 Tracy Saunders, 10. W24 Jake Williams, 11. W57 Wayne Fairbrass, 12. W119 Ben Pratt, DNS: W10 Greg Hall, W16 Colin Metcalfe