Hamon Claims Summer Cup

by | Jan 14, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Michael Hamon has won an action paced Street Stock Dan Love Summer Cup at the Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night, leading all the way in the prestigious twenty lap main event.

Hamon had the measure of his rivals in a stop start affair, and at every stoppage, cleared away from the opposition.

In the early going, a quartet of Collie drivers, consisting of Paul Briggs, Ethan Genev, Damon Thomson and Cody Avins were racing in close confines, with Genev spinning exiting turn four. Stewards would deem Thomson as the cause putting him to the rear of the field.

His demise allowed Damien Amato to tack on to the chasing pack as Hamon again cleared the field. His lead was negated by several stoppages for minor incidents, before the remaining laps run their course.

Nine times Champion, Wayne Thomson came from well back in the field to move to sixth. Thomson would spin on the final turn in a desperate finish, with Thomson lucky not to be collected by half the field.

Meanwhile Hamon would win by a quarter lap over Paul Briggs and fellow Collie competitor, Cody Avins, while Damien Amato and Ethan Genev would complete the top five.

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Feature Race, 20 laps: 1. W0 Mick Hamon, 2. W12 Paul Briggs, 3. W31 Cody Avins, 4. W71 Damien Amato, 5. W4 Ethan Genev, 6. W15 Wayne Thomson, 7. W111 David Fall, 8. W2 Ben Ridley, 9. W10 Damon Thomson, 10. W5 Jeff Rogers, 11. W70 Barry Hunter, 12. W89 Colin Metcalfe, 13. W44 Brodie Dunn, 14. W17 Phil Lycholit, 15. W77 Daniel Sutton (19), 16. W78 Daniel Stanley (19), 17. W38 Bob Wakefield (19), 18. W51 Justin Melhuish (18). DNF: W81 Peter Walker (5), W21 Evan Wakefield (2), W101 Dylan Magee (0).

Michael Hamon too good in the Summer Cup. Photo courtesy of Fastlane Photography