by | Oct 3, 2021 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Modified Sedans, SSA National 4s, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

Images by Darrell Lockhart

One of the strongest Speedway Sedan venues in the country, the unique Gympie Speedway has enjoyed a stellar opening night to their 2021/2022 season.

Six different classes of Speedway Sedans Australia categories along with a spirited demonstration from a handful of Super Sedans had the crowd enthralled throughout the evening.

Some of Queensland’s leading Modified Sedan pilots flew around the mountain, with a Gympie trifecta of Mark Raymont, Tim Weir & Gary Pagel filling the podium.

Jarrod Peacock aboard his Immortal Roll Cages Holden Commodore narrowly defeated Jim Cowley in what was a strong field of Production Sedans.

Queensland National 4’s Champion enjoyed his first chequered flag of the season with Peter Thompson the man to beat in Street Stock competition.

The next race meeting at the Gympie Speedway will be held on Saturday 30th October 2021 and feature the Production Sedan Mountain King Title.

Official Results of the 2021/2022 Season Opening Race Meeting for the Corbet’s Group Mothar Mountain Speedway.

SSA Modified Sedan Feature Race, 20 Laps- 1. G27 Mark Raymont, 2. G58 Tim Weir, 3. MK9 Gary Pagel, 4. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 5. MK56 Darren Severs, 6. G23 Brendan Cowley, 7. BB92 Tim Gaffel, 8. SC37 Craig Franz, DNF CR14 Cameron Taylor (16), G3 Wade Flikweert (13), G97 Brad Yarrow (5).

SSA Production Sedan Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. G84 Jarrod Peacock, 2. SC61 Jim Cowley, 3. G17 Neil Keldoulis, 4. G48 Hayden Turner, 5. G16 Aaron Sander, 6. SC28 Stephen Freeman, 7. G64 Dennis Kay, 8. B46 Michael Mason, 9. SB4 Trent Gosley, 10. G51 Dan Cook, 11. SB22 Charlotte Christensen, DNF G25 Selina Jennings (13), SC30 Ryan McArthur (13), SC15 Jamie Beasmore (9), SC23 Adrian Stott (7), SC24 Brock Morris (7), G55 Allen Boughen (7), B59 Darran Lester (5), G71 Steven Spence (2), G10 Daniel Henshaw (1).

SSA Street Stock Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. CR99 Peter Thompson, 2. RK37 Ken Carroll, 3. G33 Ryan Kahler, 4. C164 John Stoward, 5. SB97 Greg Langton, 6. C94 Jason Killick (14), 7. SB4 Kyron Clegg (13), 8. BB87 Jessica Dakin-Masters (13), 9. SB17 Dylan Jarman (12), DNF C13 Steve Cook (8), BB47 Beau Pieters (7).

SSA Top Star Junior Sedan Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. M32 Kaine Richters, 2. G27 Aidan Rigby, 3. M18 Bryce Bayfield, 4. G8 Braydon Steffens, 5. M7 Jayden Hancock, 6. M17 Cooper Reid, 7. CR12 Bailey Payne, 8. M21 Mitchell Bayfield, 9. G3 William Pagel, 10. SB27 Hannah Christensen (14), 11. BB75 Coen Herwig (14).

SSA New Star Junior Sedan Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. C58 Hayden Stewart, 2. G5 Taryn Francis, 3. SC17 Connor Smith, 4. G21 Hayley Spence, 5. M11 Chayse Polzin, 6. M19 Rory Shelford (14), 7. G16 Preston Klee (13), 8. G11 Amber Spence (12), DNF G9 Emily Steffens (11), BB82 Hunter Heidke (5).

SSA National 4’s Feature Race, 15 Laps- 1. G7 Justin Weir, 2. SC72 Mark Littlehales, 3. SC18 Peter Warren, 4. G27 Joshua Rigby, 5. G12 Bevan Burton, DNF C44 Mark Brownsey (13), C52 Ann Smith (11), SC51 Andrew Pickering (9), G18 Toby Cryer (0), DQ SC76 Mike Webber.