Great Win For Harvey

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Adyme The Animal Harvey last night recorded a strong win in the Super Sedans feature at Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway as part of the SSA 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The day started off on a rough note for the Super Sedans, with Adrian Geary, who had earlier been awarded the Best Presented Car trophy (across all divisions) blowing a motor in the first corner while Glenn Smith caught on fire to also end his night early. A number of other restarts also saw the Chief Steward lose patience and send the field back to the pits, declaring a no race.

From here though things improved, with Kevin Bell winning two heats and Darren Ahearn the other. Courtesy of no points being awarded for the first race, Adyme Harvey was elevated to the pole position start alongside Bell, while the second row was comprised of Ahearn and WA Champion Warren Minshull.

The feature event got underway and it was Bell who raced into the lead over Harvey as Minshull desperately sat on their tails and tried to make his way through.

Harvey too was applying the blow torch to Bell and he hunted for a gap, the top three pulling away slightly and beginning what would be an epic battle that had fans on the edge of their seats.

On lap five Bell made a slight mistake that allowed a gap to form and Harvey pounced, grabbing the lead. One lap later the yellow lights came out as Damo Wallinger found himself stranded.

Harvey led away the field on the restart, with Bell, Minshull and Ahearn line astern and hungry to advance, but it wouldnt be until lap ten there was any change despite side by side racing, with Ahearn making the move on Minshull for third.

Minshull retook the position three laps later and looked destined to settle for third until disaster struck with the chequers in sight, Kevin Bell slowing, heading infield at a rate of knots, smoking heavily and then catching fire in what was an epic conclusion to the 50th Anniversary Show. As officials removed the threat from Bells car the chequers were already on display, Harvey going on to record a strong win from Minshull and Ahearn. Tristan Green was fourth while Steve Larson, Terry Green and Andrew Kennedy rounded out the finishers.
A big thankyou to all the Super Sedan drivers who took the time out to compete last night and for being part of the 50th Anniversary show celebrations.

Super Sedans Feature, 15 laps: 1. W88 Adyme Harvey, 2. W5 Kevin Bell, 3. W19 Darren Ahearn, 4. WA1 Warren Minshull, 5. W96 Steve Larson, 6. W6 Tristan Green, 7. W13 Andrew Kennedy,8. W76 Terry Green, 9. W16 Damo Wallinger, 10. W33 Glenn Smith, 11. W38 Adrian Geary.
1. W88 Adyme Harvey, 2. WA1 Warren Minshull, 3. W19 Darren Ahearn, 4. W6 Tristan Green, 5. W96 Steve Larson, 6. W76 Terry Green, 7. W13 Andrew Kennedy. DNF: W5 Kevin Bell (13), W16 Damo Wallinger (9). DNS: W33 Glenn Smith, W38 Adrian Geary. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.829. Fastest Lap: 19.093 W88 Adyme Harvey.

Details courtesy of Scott Beattie
Photo of Adyme Harvey courtesy of Peter Roebuck