by | May 17, 2021 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

Images by Peter Roebuck

The Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway kicked off its 2021 season in spectacular fashion on Sunday afternoon with great racing & big fields along with perfect weather conditions making for a wonderful day’s racing at the daytime venue.

SSA Production Sedans presented a field of over twenty entries with the six heat races across the day providing some great entertainment for the paying public.

Branden Fraser and surprise packet Mitchell Killeen qualified on the front row for the fifteen lap main event as twenty three cars took the green flag.

Fraser would unfortunately spin in front of the field collecting Rick Musarra and Terry Main in the process with Main and Fraser unable to take any further part in the race.

Killeen, Jayden McCuish and 2010 National Champion Rod Musarra broke away from the field in the early laps with Musarra looking the most likely to take the race lead from Killeen.

Musarra’s run came to an end on lap seven as smoke came from the powerplant of the Cranecorp Australia Holden Commodore.

A number of stoppages punctuated the flow of the race but this did not prevent Killeen & McCuish from clearing away in the concluding stages as the Moora Nissan backed entry of McCuish tried everything he could to try and steal victory from Killeen.

Killeen managed to hold off McCuish to claim the biggest win of his racing career as Rick Musarra got the better of the battle between himself and the two Ford Falcons of Josh Fraser & Frank Does to finish third.

Western Australian Street Stock Champion Jamie Oldfield dusted off the cobwebs of the family owned Holden Commodore to narrowly defeat Hayden Norman in the SSA Street Stock Main event with Ben Norman enjoying a strong start to the winter season aboard his Novus Glass Ford Falcon to finish third.

SSA Junior Sedan numbers were strong in both classes on the day as Western Australian Champion Jhy Pack defeated Kayne Dellar & Elysha Cooper in the twelve lap decider for Top Stars.

WA Champion Jhy Pack enjoying victory at Ellenbrook on Sunday

The Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway will be back in action in on Sunday 30th May 2021 with SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks & SSA Junior Sedans all on the program.

Official Results of the 2021 Season Opener for the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway

SSA Production Sedan Feature Race – Fifteen Laps: 1. W4 Mitchell Killeen, 2. W58 Jayden McCuish, 3. W21 Rick Musarra, 4. W66 Josh Fraser, 5. W3 Frank Does, 6. W9 Mitchell Baker, 7. W92 Isaac Arnold, 8. W49 John Castagna, 9. W31 Ethan Cooper, 10. W54 Graeme Rafferty, 11. W39 Jeff Kendall, 12. W17 Jarrad Fisher DNF: W56 Brandon Mongoo (11), W86 Wayne Leviston (11), W119 Joshua Ahearn (10), W77 Possum Lawrence (10), W12 Rod Musarra (7), W18 Lawson Mayes (3), W27 Jackson Derrick (3), W43 George Lanoue (3), W75 Chris Porter (1), W7 Terry Main (0), W2 Branden Fraser (0) DNS: W24 Rod Smith

SSA Street Stock Feature Race – Fifteen Laps: 1. W1 Jamie Oldfield, 2. W6 Hayden Norman, 3. W66 Ben Norman, 4. W21 Evan Wakefield, 5. W24 James Lawton, 6. W89 Carl Pickersgill, 7. W72 Chris Rijpstra, 8. W18 Brodie Sims, 9. W87 Bradley Brennan (14), 10. W51 Justin Melhuish (13) DNF: W68 Justin Hurst (11) DNS: W2 Marty Kelly, W95 Keith Fitzgerald

SSA Top Star Junior Sedan Feature Race – Twelve Laps: 1. W1 Jhy Pack, 2. W95 Kayne Dellar, 3. W13 Elysha Cooper, 4. W71 Olivia Earle, 5. W83 Kai Leeson, 6. W51 Kiastyn Oldfield, 7. W211 Jimahli Nunn Mohammad Dom, 8. W25 Alyvia Ferraro, 9. W55 Riley Dunne, 10. W33 Teliah Bosley (11). DNS: W21 Jack Tarandetti, NT1 Riley Hanson, W08 Tyler Scott

SSA New Star Junior Sedan Feature Race – Ten Laps: 1. W144 Luke Martin, 2. W63 Fletcher Milentis, 3. W73 Jayden Haddon, 4. W21 Jayden Heelan, 5. W9 Levi Whittington, 6. W173 Kaden Harrison, 7. W24 Chloe Lawton, 8. W2 Max Lang. DNS: W48 Ryan Mellor, W31 Jesse James Samuels