Great End To Esperance Season

by | Jun 28, 2020 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

Author- Allan Smallwood SSA Media

The Esperance Speedway Association finally got the opportunity to concluded their 2019/2020 season yesterday afternoon with the running of the annual South East Open Championships.

Solid fields and a great crowd were on hand to witness some great racing from the Speedway Sedans Australia categories who did battle throughout the day.

Hamish Macalpine dominated the SSA Production Sedan Feature Race aboard his Natrad Ford Cortina with a nasty accident occurring on the final corner between Tye Turrell and Josh Macalpine seeing both cars hit the concrete wall heavily.

Kalgoorlie’s Luke Barnewall caused a huge upset in the SSA Street Stock main event defeating his former state champion Jack Barnewall and local Dylan Williams in the twenty lap affair.

The Esperance Speedway Association will now begin planning for their 2020/2021 season which is set to begin in November.

Official Results of the 2019/2020 South East Open Championships

SSA Street Stocks Feature Race, Twenty Laps: 1. W36 Luke Barnewall, 2. W16 Jack Barnewall, 3. W4 Dylan Williams, 4. W28 Brenton Bridges, 5. W83 Linton Dickerson, 6. W98 Jarred Bridges, 7. W45 Heydon Hicks, 8. W39 Zane Humphrys, 9. W13 Nathan Fletcher, DNF W31 Tristan Stroet (12), DNS W14 Wade Rigney

SSA Production Sedans Feature Race, Twenty Laps: 1. W00 Hamish Macalpine, 2. W19 Josh Stewart, 3. W72 Jeff Dickerson, 4. W100 Linton Dickerson, DNF W11 Josh Macapline (19), W8 Tye Turrell (19), W15 Neville Mansted (13), W9 Sean Barrett (12),

SSA Junior Sedans Feature Race, Fifteen Laps: 1. W16 Kaden Brown, 2. W101 Tilly Leonard, 3. W24 Charlie Tate, 4. W87 Chris Dickerson, 5. W10 Kayde Anthony, 6. W22 George Tate, 7. W6 Jackson Goodwin (14)