by | May 30, 2022 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks

Images by Peter Roebuck

Yesterday afternoon the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway roared into life for the second time in their 2022 season and the racing was simply sensational across all three SSA divisions on show right from the get go.

The SSA Production Sedans would be the first feature of the day, with twenty laps the distance and veteran drivers Wayne Leviston and Brad Mitchell starting on the front row.

In what was the divisions last hitout prior to their WA Title next weekend at Karratha’s Nickol Bay Speedway, it took a while to get the race underway, with Mitchell spinning after the field completed just one lap to bring out the yellows.

The yellows would come on again at the completion of lap two for a spun Kelly Does and then again as the third lap was completed with then leader Lawson Mayes crunching the turn three wall.

Leviston would take over the point at the resumption, coming under fire from Mitchell Killeen and Jamie Higgs for a number of laps, Leviston eventually succumbing to Killeen on lap ten.

Prominent names including Josh Fraser and Hayden Norman The top three would remain locked together as the laps wound down, and as the white flag flew Higgs was able to get alongside Leviston with half a bumper in front.

Unfortunately as the field came to take the chequers another car would spin, seeing the race declared, Killeen the winner after starting from position seven, while Higgs was given second ahead of Leviston given the fourteenth lap had been completed.

Next up would be the SSA New Star Junior Sedans, who started the day with an amazing twenty four drivers, twenty of them taking the green in the feature race scheduled for fifteen laps.

As the SSA Production Sedans had done before, it took a while to get underway with a big crash on the opening lap seeing Matilda Hull and Noah Bain making heavy contact with the turn four wall.

After a delay the race would resume only to come under red lights again as Andre Clark spun in front of the field, Summer Shore and Mikayla Steele the unlucky ones to also come into contact with him and seeing another delay.

The race length would be dropped as a result, but it didn’t bother Mitch Binning up the front, going on to complete a perfect day and claiming the win ahead of Baxter Trouchet and Colby Bosley.

Australia #2 and Victoria #1 Kayne Dellar would also record a perfect day in the SSA Top Star Junior Sedans, going on to claim the ten lap feature race ahead of Beau Oldfield and Brody Day who fought off a pack of cars for the final spot on the podium.

The Street Stocks would be the final race of the day and in what was a great, non stop twelve lap feature it would be former Junior Sedan competitor Ethan Cooper completing his transition to the senior ranks, claiming the win ahead of an impressive James Lawton and Ben Norman, who until the feature had won three heats from three starts.

Ellenbrook Speedway will be back again in just a fortnight, with SSA Street Stocks, SSA Junior Sedans and SSA Production Sedans all on the program for racing on the 12th of June.

Official Results

Top Star Junior Sedans Feature Race, 10 laps: 1. V1 Kayne Dellar, 2. WA1 Beau Oldfield, 3. W8 Brody Day, 4. W121 Taj Vanzetti, 5. W51 Kiastyn Oldfield, 6. W83 Kai Leeson, 7. W24 Cade Munro, 8. W138 Zach Munro, 9. W21 Jayden Heelan, 10. W73 Blake Palmer, 11. W33 Teliah Bosley. 12. W144 Luke Martin, 13. W007 Jack Tarandetti, 14. W606 Jackson Goodwin. DNF: W26 Zakiya Costa (9). DQ: W08 Tyler Scott. DNS: W11 Brock Lake, W31 Jesse James Samuels. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.674. Fastest Lap: 23.317 V1 Kayne Dellar.

New Stars Feature Race, 8 laps: 1. W10 Mitch Binning, 2. W134 Baxter Trouchet, 3. W78 Colby Bosley, 4. W5 Jesse Hamon, 5. W28 Chloe Lawton, 6. W8 Jacob Hill, 7. W173 Kaden Harrison, 8. W23 Wade Rhodes, 9. W14 Alyssa Whittington, 10. W22 Logan Dean, 11. W46 Reuben Walsh (7), 12. W20 Wyatt Van Der Mey (5). DNF: W17 Levi Crowe (1), W88 Mackenzie Silver (0), W101 Andre Clark (0), W12 Mikayla Steele (0), W3 Summer Shore (0), W93 Matilda Hull (0), W56 Noah Bain (0). DQ: W666 Sophie Goodwin. DNS: W9 Levi Whittington, W44 Leo Poole, W151 James Smith, W646 Addison Walsh. Total Time: Declared. Winning Margin: Not Available. Fastest Lap: 23.127 W10 Mitch Binning.

Street Stock Feature Race, 12 laps: 1. W56 Ethan Cooper, 2. W24 James Lawton, 3. W66 Ben Norman, 4. W12 Ryan Penfold, 5. W87 Bradley Brennan, 6. W2 Marty Kelly, 7. W37 Barney Makene, 8. W83 Stefani Ameduri, 9. W18 Bodie Sims, 10. W17 Aaron Sutton, 11. W183 Daniel Ameduri, 12. W173 Fiona Palmer, 13. W626 Jamie Goodwin, 14. W77 Daniel Sutton, 15. W51 Justin Melhuish, 16. W22 Fabian Lammonby. DNS: W14 Ken Macpherson.

Production Sedan Feature Race, 20 laps: 1. W4 Mitchell Killeen, 2. W84 Jamie Higgs, 3. W86 Wayne Leviston, 4. W57 Kelsey Beard, 5. W11 Josh Macalpine, 6. W9 Allan Barrow, 7. W13 Brad Mitchell, 8. W58 Sierra Iwanow. DNF: W31 Elysha Cooper (14), W46 Jim Gilmour (14), W6 Hayden Norman (13), W8 Ryan Mitchell (5), W5 Josh Fraser (3), W18 Lawson Mayes (2). DQ: W30 Kelly Does. DNS: W3 Peter Fraser, W7 Tylar Main, W28 Isaac Arnold, W43 George Lanoue, W49 John Castagna.

Mitch Binning