Image by Jon Gall Photography

The Shark Bay Speedway located nine hundred kilometres to the north of Perth kicked off its 2021 race season yesterday afternoon.

Shark Bay’s season opener doubled as day one of the Gascoyne Series with the second part to be held in Carnarvon this evening.

The SSA Street Stock field increased just twenty hours before the event started after the cancellation of Street Stock Shootout in Geraldton.

Albany’s Peter Herbert lead home Carnarvon’s Jace Kempton and Wade Mason in the twelve lap final for the SSA Street Stocks with Leon Wood and Jarrod Rick successful in the other senior finals held on the day.

The day time venue will fire back into life on Saturday 12th June 2021 for the Street Stock and Production Sedan trophy days.

Official Results 

SSA Street Stock Feature Race, Twelve Laps- 1. W44 Peter Herbert, 2. W55 Jace Kempton, 3. W88 Wade Mason, 4. W19 David Linthorne, 5. W3 Trent Lyall, 6. W29 Jake Hoath, 7. W17 Greg Hewitt, 8. W77 Barry Mason, 9. W11 Matthew Rowland, 10. W31 Bryan Riddick.

SSA Production Sedan Feature Race, Twelve Laps- 1. W53 Leon Wood, W12 Ryan Allan, 3. W19 Bradley Short, 4. W56 Brandon Mongoo, 5. W82 Dave Harrower.

SSA Top Star Junior Sedan Feature Race, Twelve Laps- 1. W17 Travis Strelley, 2. W67 Ella Ricetti, 3. W71 Chayse Jackson, 4. W40 Vince Lindsay, 5. W47 Beau Morgan.

SSA New Star Junior Sedan Feature Race, Twelve Laps- 1. W77 Taylah Burton, 2. W13 Rory Reynolds, 3. W7 Haylee Strelley, 4. W9 Kaylee Francis, 5. W88 Brody Child, 6. W11 Bodhi Garner.

SSA Modified Sedan Feature Race, Twelve Laps- 1. W47 Jarrod Rick, 2. W67 Michael Ricetti, 3. W6 Kathryn Harper, DNS W00 Kim Jolly.