by | Sep 14, 2020 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

Wayne Gilroy has drove a smart race to claim victory in a dramatic main event for the 2020 Dan’s Automotive Cup held at the Pioneer Park Speedway in North Queensland last night.

Over a third of the field would be out of the race during the opening two circulations as many incidents occurred.

Brisbane’s Darran Lester and Jeff Smith both failed to complete a lap after getting caught up in a first corner bingle as the race struggled to get going.

Tim Smith in the Chrysler Centura retired with a flat tyre on lap two as David “Tangles” Head pulled away from the field.

The chasing pack of Adam Jorgensen, Wayne Gilroy and Mick Shelford enjoyed a great battle for the minor placings until lap twelve when Jorgensen and Shelford came together.

Jorgensen would retire with a flat tyre during the stoppage before Shelford joined him on the infield on lap fifteen.

In the closing laps David “Tangles” Head threw everything at Gilroy with Head spinning on the final lap as he challenged Gilroy for victory.

Myles Gilroy inherited second from Head with a limping Graham Klienhans the fourth and final finisher.

SSA Modified Sedans drivers in the region now will turn their attention to the 2020 North Queensland Title to be held at the Mareeba Speedway next Saturday Night.

Official Result

Feature Race, Twenty Five Laps: 1. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 2. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 3. CR24 David Head, 4. C69 Graham Klienhans, DNF T20 Jason Cummins (19) CR54 Mick Shelford (15),T25 Adam Jorgensen (13), T10 Shane Ogilvie (11), CR12 Brodie Boss (2) M36 Tim Smith (2) B59 Darran Lester (0), T73 Jamie Geary (0), T18 Shane Stewart (0), SC23 Jeff Smith (0) MK7 Luke O’Brien (0)

Check out the Main Event below courtesy of Ash Media