by | Nov 21, 2020 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

The Esperance Toyota Speedway located in the South East corner of Western Australia held a special one off Friday Night race meeting before a great crowd last evening.

Local SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks and SSA Junior Sedans relished the opportunity to be apart of the support act for the second round of the visiting West Coast Formula 500 series.

Multiple track champion Zane Humphrys surprised no one in attendance as he claimed the feature race win the SSA Street Stocks from Linton Dickerson and Kryan Bridges.

A depleted field of SSA Production Sedans saw Jeff Dickerson defeat Gary Leeson and Josh Stewart while in the SSA Top Star Junior Sedans Charlie Tate claimed victory.

The Esperance Toyota Speedway is back in action on Saturday 5th December 2020 with the 9th Annual SSA Street Stock 20/20 Challenge which is sure to provide plenty of interest.

Official Results

SSA Street Stocks Feature Race, Twelve Laps: 1. W39 Zane Humphrys, 2. W83 Linton Dickerson, 3. W99 Kryan Bridges, 4. W46 Todd Barrett, 5. W4 Dylan Williams, 6. W98 Jarred Bridges, 7. W14 Wade Rigney, DNF W16 Luke Barnewall

SSA Production Sedans Feature Race, Ten Laps: 1. W72 Jeff Dickerson, 2. W18 Gary Leeson, 3. W19 Josh Stewart, 4. W100 Linton Dickerson, 5. W11 Bronty Humphrys, DNS W11 Josh Major, W24 Hayden Mortimer, W25 Dwayne Meagher

SSA Top Star Junior Sedans Feature Race, Ten Laps: 1. W24 Charlie Tate, 2. W16 Kaden Brown, 3. W4 Amber Shore, 4. W87 Chris Dickerson, 5. W21 Logan Brown, 6. W99 Hayley Dickerson

SSA New Star Junior Sedans Feature Race, Ten Laps: 1. W22 George Tate, 2. W10 Kayde Anthony, 3. W6 Jackson Goodwin, 4. W66 Katie Goodwin, 5. W26 Nathan Brown, 6. W666 Sophie Goodwin