Fraser Wins Round One at T-Bar

by | Oct 28, 2019 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans


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Author : Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Brody Fraser has raced home to win the opening round of the Fox Shocks Labs Australia Production Sedan Toowoomba Club Championship Series.

Starting on the second row, it didnt take Fraser long to get to the lead. Fraser looked comfortable in front and raced away to win the the opening round by 2.5 seconds over Josh Arthur. Amy Evans after qualifying pole was brilliant in the little skyline and held on to finish third ahead of Thomas Fuller and New South Welshman Matthew Layton.

The Production racing was outstanding to watch as the drivers were able to run all over the track. The feature was super entertaining and enjoyed by the strong Toowoomba crowd.

Round two of the Fox Shocks Series returns to Toowoomba on 7 December