by | Oct 23, 2020 | QLD, SSA Junior Sedans, SSA National 4s, SSA Production Sedans

Photo by Mr Click

The Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway in Queensland will see its pit area swelling with Speedway Sedans Australia cars this Saturday Night as the sport continues to bounce back after a lengthy break in the South East of the State.

SSA Production Sedans are set to contest the second round of their Ian Boettcher Race Parts Super Series as National Champion Joel Berkley looks to be the man to beat in the Sunshine State.

Nearly forty SSA Junior Sedans are also taking on the challenge of the second round of their series and always the action will be top shelf as the stars of the future do battle for honours at the venue that held the 2018/2019 SSA National Junior Sedan Title.

Queensland champion in the National 4s Tim Weir should continue to be the dominance of his Ford Siera with the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway hosting the QLD State Title on Saturday 21st November 2020.

Racing gets underway at the earlier time of 3.30pm


SSA Top Star Junior Sedans (18)

B19 JJ Hamilton

BB11 Kurtis Peall

BB31 Patrick Ray

BB81 Mitch Wogandt

BB88 Billy MacDonald

C12 Brodie Hollyman

C99 Levi O’Brien

G3 William Pagel

G28 Aidan Rigby

LAC17 Jaiden Santin

M14 Jaiden Torrisi

M17 Cooper Reid

M18 Bryce Bayfield

M32 Kaine Richters

M67 Linkin Huth

M7 Jayden Hancock

RK24 Shenaya Lowther

SC12 Tristan Knowles

SSA New Star Junior Sedans (21)

BB17 AJ MacDonald

BB25 Abby Smith

BB7 Coen Herwig

BB8 Abbey Peall

C44 Sam James

C58 Hayden Stewart

C78 Lincoln Taylor

G21 Hayley Spence

G5 Taryn Francis

LAC18 Sophie Santin

LAC23 Harry Fowler

LAC5 Jacob Waller

M21 Mitchell Bayfield

M27 Cooper Flynn

M68 Jebadiah Huth

MK27 Jack Menzies

RK33 Tyson Jennings

RK36 Sophie Montgomerie

SB27 Hannah Christensen

SC17 Connor Smith

SC3 Chloe Lebeter

SSA National 4’s (13)

G10 Gary Cartwright

G52 Alistair Mathers

G7 Justin Weir

G84 Hayden Turner

M16 Deon Cook

M27 Gary Harris

M31 Russell Booth

Q1 Tim Weir

SC37 Rodney Midolo

SC43 Ryan Schultz

SC45 Scott Manser

SC53 Brock Hancock

SC72 Mark Littlehales

SSA Production Sedans (25)

A1 Joel Berkley

BB22 Zachary Harris

BB26 Gary Harris Jnr

C99 Jack Kay

G17 Neil Keldoulis

GL71 Shawn Ingham

GL10 David Mohr

GL15 Richard Cook

GL92 Jye Coomber

M16 Danielle Cook

M20 Shaun Ryan

M23 Dylan Keen

M3 Josh Jarius

M33 Brandon Jarius

M36 Tanya Mathews

M8 James Ryan

RK11 Chris Annison

RK5 Luke Frenken

RK46 Kory Jennings

SB7 Travis Hutchison

SB26 Nic Bleys

SB44 Mitchell Bleys

SB22 Charlotte Christensen

SC23 Adrian Stott

SC30 Leonie Knight